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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday 16 October 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have to reduce your pressures from your life at this moment, you are thinking too much and thinking negatively also, that can complicate your matters
Do – Your effort should be aligned in the right direction, whereas they are presently diverted towards the path of differences and conflicts, some protection is needed there
Don’t – Don’t create unnecessary stress in your work and financial matters, especially in matters connected with the boss you need to have more patience
Vrish – Your family is supportive towards you and that can give immense happiness, you are also inclined towards making your relationships work
Day special – While you are motivated to give your thoughts a definite shape you are also somewhat dissatisfied with your own efforts and performance, if you are aware of it then why not improve it further
Mithun – Excellent period for your own efforts to shine and to give you direction in life, this focus will bring very positive gains for you which will prove to be highly beneficial
Do – While personal happiness is ensured you have to protect yourself from pressures or obstacles in life, especially connected with your work you have to be more aware
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that your finances can be under stress also, while you are keen to invest your money for long term focus don’t side by side create stress on account of those decisions
Karka – Financial matters are stable and there is nothing to worry, but some amount of uneasiness or dissatisfaction overtakes you which is not looking very good
Day special – You may be trying to take decisions in the right direction, but you are thinking of too many things at the same time, that is why your focus is getting diverted to some extent
Simha – Excellent period for financial gains and prosperity, goodness of any period must be sustained over a period of time as only then it can give long term happiness
Do – There is stability and happiness overall, but certain issues especially connected with finances may have some divergent views with those of your partners or supporters, that is where some protection is needed
Don’t – In all this goodness don’t forget to nurture your relationships, there is a weakness connected with that which is continuing, don’t let that suffer further
Kanya – Expenses are on your mind and you are worried for that, even for that reason some amount of pressures are built from your loved ones who are not trying to understand your situation
Day Special – Work related matters are still strong and vibrant, that is where your focus should lie, as such the stress and confusions could not reduce your efforts at this stage as it is desired that the stability is maintained
Tula – Lot of pressures are appearing in your life and you are not able to handle that, the most visible pressure is in the form of changes which are occurring in your life and also on financial outflows
Do – Patience is the keyword as only then you can protect the stability of your personal and professional life, to achieve that you have to move forward one step at a time as that will help
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily invest in your work unless it is absolutely required, because some amount of wastages may be there which will be difficult to recover, don’t let that happen
Vrishchik – Overall prosperity is indicated and there is nothing adverse, routine kind of pressures can be there which you have to face in any case
Day special – Your own attitude should remain positive as that is the only way to move forward, life takes its own turns and twists but this period is favorable for you and there is nothing adverse
Dhanu – Extremely auspicious period for the goodness of your career to emerge, you may be getting higher responsibilities for which you will have to remain motivated
Do – The support and help which you will get from others is remarkable, you have to take advantage of these good indications to gain fully from these times
Don’t – Don’t have any negativity overpower you in terms of your thinking or speaking, you have to communicate clearly with others with optimism and with pleasantness, don’t go wrong on that
Makar – Some amount of stress is inbuilt even though lot of goodness is appearing, these are the linkages in which you have to avoid any kind of unnecessary changes in life because you will have to wait for the good times to emerge fully
Day special – Largely it is a situation which is auspicious, but certain differences of opinion are inbuilt which will have to be handled, they may be of routine nature but they are important to understand
Kumbh – Stress and pressures in personal relationships have to be protected, you may be yourself inclined to get into those issues which can be actually avoided
Do – Some love relationship may seem strong but has hidden issues which are not to your liking, for that reason you are likely to unnecessary get into stress, that is where protection is needed
Don’t – Even in marital life don’t complicate the matters so that it becomes uncomfortable, in any case your work requires the focus in whatever work you are involved, that is where the weakness lies which needs to be improved
Meena – Stress in relationships is evident and you have to take adequate care, even on health factors you are worried for thoughts whether everything is all right with you or not
Day special – The goodness of this period is that you will get excellent support from your own people, weaknesses of this period can be controlled with that help and support which is abundantly available, for that reason even your obstacles will be under control and there will be nothing really to worry

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