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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday 15 October 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – This is a period of dissatisfactions in many ways, dissatisfaction of money and dissatisfaction of support from your own people, you still want to be associated and be supportive
Day special – You maintain your own goodness and leave the rest to God, at the same protect yourself from unnecessary pressures and conflicts as it is not advisable to get into that
Vrish – This is a positive period in many ways, but there are stress and pressures connected with your health which needs to be cared, especially issues connected with your lower abdomen you have to take investigations and treatment
Do – As long as your path is right there is nothing to worry, for that reason many things will be under control by your commitment and by your focus
Don’t – Don’t necessarily think negative about your own people, they are generally supportive towards your views and helpful, hence there is no need to be apprehensive on that
Mithun – Relationships can be under stress because of the distance with your loved ones, your inclination is to be with your own people and in the warmth and care of your own people
Day special – This period also suggests and indicates certain travels for you, that can bring you back to your own people to give you happiness
Karka – Generally auspicious and favorable period, especially on financial matters many things are stable and you are happy with that
Do – Your efforts are remarkable but your achievements are not matching, whether in your work or in your relationships there are issues and factors which make you dissatisfied, keep your own focus intact and involve with your own people, that will help you to control many of these issues
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need to upgrade your knowledge periodically, by doing so you will be controlling many of these issues and converting them to your advantage
Simha – Goodness is directly related to your hard work and you are getting the rewards also, that is leading to financial prosperity also in a big way
Day special – Psychologically you have to be more at peace with yourself, you tend to carry many doubts and apprehensions on your mind which are not generally required
Kanya – Extremely auspicious period although you expect more, but the goodness reflects in your being good and favorable towards others also,
Do – Your inclination is such that you are not able to retain your financial prosperity in this form, temperamentally you may be inclined for wastages or lack of planning, that is something which you have to understand
Don’t – Don’t neglect the views of others as well as your boss, any kind of differences of opinion on that can stress you or frustrate you, don’t let that happen
Tula – Weak period in many ways as you are making mistakes, that is leading to pressures in your life which includes financial pressures also,
Day special – You need to understand the views of your friends and well wishers also, if they are being selfish to take advantage of your money then you have to be careful,
Vrishchik – Stress with your own people or in your sphere is not suggested, for that reason even in your business partnerships you will have to be more caring,
Do – Try to take advantage of these good times on the psychological front, such positive periods come rarely and you must draw happiness from that
Don’t – Don’t neglect the need to bring about regularity in your efforts, you are depending too much on luck and that is where you are going wrong also, that is not required
Dhanu – In any discussion connected with money you have to avoid that at your work place, especially for issues connected with your salary or emoluments you should avoid any such matter
Day special – In any case this is a period which should not be used for arguments, this period requires lot of patience from your side as that will avoid any conflicts
Makar – Extremely auspicious period although your expectations are high, for that reason you are unnecessarily getting into psychological stress as there is no need for that,
Do – Many circumstances are becoming favorable to you, even your boss is becoming highly supportive and that is the goodness which you carry
Don’t – Don’t let the goodness of this period get reduced because of your own thinking, if you remain stable in your thinking you can draw the goodness in a better way and that will be remarkable
Kumbh – The auspiciousness of this period is dampened because you are not happy, you are thinking of negativity only and not able to control the ups and downs of your thinking
Day special – For that reason your own people are also not supportive towards you as you are not able to appreciate their view, that is where a lot of pragmatism is required so that you take the advantage of these times in a better way
Meena – This is a weak period and you have to be extra careful, your efforts are not up to the mark and there are hidden obstacles side by side
Do – If you use or utilize your knowledge then you can perform better, but you have many apprehensions on your mind which is a negativity which you carry
Don’t – Don’t make this situation stressful by annoying your boss, as such your work related matters are weak and improvement is required, on top of it if you spoil human relations then you will yourself be blamed, understand that fact carefully and don’t go wrong on that

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