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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday 4 October 2009, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are at crossroads in your life as many things are happening at the same time, especially on relationships there are issues to be handled and resolved
Do – It will be possible to accomplish what you wish to do with lot of patience, your own thoughts and decisions are undergoing rapid changes which needs to be protected
Don’t – For all these reasons your work is also suffering and that is complicating the matters further, don’t therefore let any negativity come in that as it can be upsetting
Vrish – Generally favorable period as you are able to push your thoughts further and achieve happiness from that, even financial matters are likely to improve gradually with your increased involvement
Day special – Still you need to take better care of your finances as you can make wrong decisions, carefulness is better than cure, hence don’t neglect this fact
Mithun – This is a period which makes you work hard to fulfill your dreams, personal relationships are vibrant and that makes you happy
Do – Some concerns may still be there with your business partners or associates, for that matter relationships must be given due importance
Don’t – For that reason don’t also be upset or show your dissatisfactions, that is important to understand
Karka – Many of your plans or decisions can lead to financial profits, for that reason you may be expecting more but whatever is achieved is also a blessing
Day special – In matters connected with your decisions or changes you have to avoid differences of opinion, you must talk over your issues and plan well, that will resolve the matters to your advantage
Simha – Extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, but you are stressed on relationships and for that reason you are not able to enjoy the goodness of this period also
Do – Each matter has to be handled individually and one step at a time, by doing so you have to also remove the dissatisfactions as only then you will be able to see the reality
Don’t – Don’t get into arguments for issues connected with money, that will help you and protect you immensely, don’t forget this advice
Kanya – You are very determined to move ahead with your decisions, there is some goodness in that but lot of pressures and stress also side by side
Day Special – Side by side you have to improve your knowledge and skills so that the changes activated for this period are handled by you better, your own performance needs to be improved to showcase your abilities
Tula – Generally lucky period in many ways, but your extremes of thinking needs some amount of carefulness and moderation
Do – Care is required on account of the fact that you are keen to move ahead with your plans, irrespective of its implications you seem to be firm and determined
Don’t – Don’t neglect the advice of your elders at this stage, even if there are differences of opinion on that you must consider that advice as it can be to your advantage
Vrishchik – Pressures of work are increasing and you are aware of that, but very soon these pressures will also lead to financial gains for you
Day special – You have to concentrate on working hard at this stage, success has to be matched with efforts as only then you can get sustainable results
Dhanu – Extremely auspicious period for work and finances to give you happiness, your expectations may be high and for that reason you are not fully satisfied
Do – It is said that Rome was not built in a day, for that reason constant and regular effort is required to achieve long term success in life
Don’t – Don’t get into stress with your own people especially on financial matters, if you try to see the other person’s point of view then you will be able to handle it better
Makar – Weak period on account of the fact that relationships are under stress, even professional matters have pressures on day to day basis which need to be handled
Day special – The main reason is possibly your lack of focus and concentration, you are not performing as per your abilities and that is why this weakness persists
Kumbh – Stable period in many ways, especially relationships are becoming better and you are able to get the support also in this regard
Do – Your thinking is in the extremes and that causes problems, especially with people who are important, your elders, your seniors, your bosses, consider their views also
Don’t – Don’t forget that side by side luck is trying to support you and favor you, for that reason many things will be generally stable and there will be no real worry
Meena – Family matters need more care and involvement as something is lacking in that, you are aware of it and that is why you are stressed
Day special – If you make your own attitude positive many things will be under control, as such the circumstances are likely to improve very soon for which you must start making your efforts now

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