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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

16th January 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Worries about studies and professional settlement, but you are doing fine, even your focus towards life is very practical
Do – remember that you can achieve everything, emotions studies friendships everything is favourable
Don’t – weakness is in your thinking don’t let any negativity overpower you, in love relationships also avoid disputes
Financially weak period, you are worried for any change, at present place you have the support of your loved ones, you don’t know which path to take
Do – protect your funds, there can be pressure on that
Don’t – don’t take any decision for change at this stage, postpone any such decision for 15 days
You wish to undertake travel for gains but there can be hidden problems in that, hidden upset as are there, protect your self from all that
Day special – you are responsible for upsets with boss, avoid travels or changes in life, career is stable, concentrate on that
You are worried for business gains there are pressures on your finances also, routine pressures are high, job pressures are also there
Do – protect your finances from wasteful expenses
Don’t – don’t expect too much in this period have a practical approach towards life
Very auspicious period, God is kind, but you are not satisfied, you are rather worried, some differences or discussions bother you
Do – take support of your spouse and your well-wishers, that can help you in many ways
Don’t – don’t let any financial matter surface in your differences, that can go against you
Your worries are connected with your losses someone may try to cheat you also, you have to protect your self from this situation
Do – involve yourself for gain of knowledge, that will help you in many ways
Don’t – don’t be careless understand this, your profession is at risk, don’t ignore this
Financial pressures are there, but lot of protection is also there, auspicious inflow of funds can also be seen because of this protection
Do – have trust in your spouse and family members, they can achieve a lot, motivate them for that
Don’t – don’t waste your money, your routine expenses can bother you
Don’t have any dispute, someone may talk at your back to harm your interests, for that your profession can be under pressure
Do – continue to be on the path of righteousness, leave the rest to God
Don’t – don’t feel frustrated with these developments, this is the way the world is made
Some tensions on your mind about your abilities, but your career is stable, divine blessings are there
Do – improve your professional knowledge, there is scope for that improvement
Don’t – don’t have unstable efforts, don’t waste your money on wasteful expenses
Home and family tensions bother you, hidden financial upsets can also be there
Do – protect your self from disputes and differences, even family disputes need to be protected
Don’t – don’t get into problems or arguments with your boss
You are worried for differences in marriage, but from your side you are trying to protect your marriage and involve in that
Do – protect your self from needless confusions of your mind
Don’t – don’t have any hidden relationships, that can lead to upsets
You are getting into psychological disputes unnecessarily, these disputes can be for financial reasons also
Do – handle family matters carefully, have patience
Don’t – don’t doubt the motive of others, don’t ignore your health

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