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Monday, January 28, 2008

28th January 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Family issues need better handling, even health concerns are there, the pressures in career will be removed soon
Do – take care of family and health
Don’t – don’t panic, auspiciousness is with you at every step
Students will really gain with the involvement in this period, this will help in their professional settlement also
Do – your focus is very positive, that is going to help you in your gain of knowledge as well
Don’t – don’t expect too much from emotional involvement, there can be many confusions in that
Investment in property can be profitable, a lucky period is going to start for you soon
Do – try now and your family problems will be resolved soon
Don’t – don’t create any disputes at this stage, some patience will help you
Excellent period for your own efforts this realization will give you gains and the right path
Do – protect your career, take any decision with care especially if it is for any change of situation
Don’t – don’t let your own efforts weaken, that is likely in the days to come
Financial pressures, you are too rigid on that, there is need for moderation in your expenses, your expenses can lead to losses also
Day special – have a balance in your inflows and outflows, your financial pressures are likely to be removed soon, have some patience
Excellent period for your prosperity and well being, especially on financial front, but professional stability has to be increased gradually
Do – home and family are the points of your strength and happiness
Don’t – students are losing interest, don’t let that weakness appear in the days to come
You are thinking about changes in your career, it can be a good learning experience
Do – be prepared for working hard to improve your abilities
Don’t – don’t be distressed, work pressures are likely to increase now, don’t take it is a negative sense
Very auspicious period in many ways, luck supports you immensely, your expenses on pleasures have to be controlled now
Day special – God is kind in many ways, but your pressures have bothered you in the last three months, take it in a positive way
Psychological pressures of work, you have relaxed for a while, now there is need for some hard work
Day special – time for hard work is coming, that is the opportunity for you to show case your strengths
Period for happiness for marriage, luck supports you in that, health concerns are increasing
Do – stay calm, you will do well, divine blessing is with you
Don’t – don’t ignore the importance of proper investigations in health
Very weak period, stress tensions but these are largely some psychological issues, that needs to be handled better by you
Do – your friends can be very supportive, gain form these forces
Don’t – don’t be stressed, this period is such that don’t ignore your responsibilities
Some love relationship can lead to marriage, but you will have to face some opposition as well
Do – try to take the family support, they may turn against you
Don’t – don’t depend on your friends, they may not be helpful

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