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Sunday, January 6, 2008

6th January 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal , Weekly

You are trying to really work hard now, that effort may be good but still you have tensions and concerns, don’t let any differences spoil your effort
Do – stay focused with positive attitude towards life, improve your skills and knowledge, that will help
Don’t – don’t ignore the family, that can cause more depression
Lucky period, gain of money, but differences with boss or elders, still you are doing your best, leave the rest to God
Do – try to improve your marital life despite differences
Don’t – don’t be uneasy that can reduce the impact of your efforts
You may be making mistakes, they can be routine issues but weakness is there, health concerns can further be upsetting
Do – stay calm, continue to do what you are doing, take care of health
Don’t – don’t try to bring any needless changes in life, students don’t waste your precious time
You are involved is some love relationship, but there are too many upsets and oppositions, inherent obstacles are there, elders are not trying to understand your viewpoint
Do – stay committed in your involvement, don’t try to be clever or hide anything
Don’t – don’t ignore your career in your thoughts towards personal relationships
Money may spent on disputes or health matters, but these weakness have to be resolved, your focus towards your studies is excellent, it can give you good gains in the long run
Do – take care of health it is important, money will come and go but health is more important
Don’t – don’t expect more from family than what you are getting
Excellent focus towards career, gain of knowledge for career will help you immensely, happiness form family is ensured, some far off travels or linkages are also getting activated
Do – improve your efforts, students will gain from this effort
Don’t – don’t be unhappy with travels, they can be for your advantage
Change of place can be auspicious, even travels can be rewarding, but you have shed your fears or anxieties
Do – think before you speak, this restraint can be beneficial for you
Don’t – don’t ignore the needs of your loved ones, they are the reason for your happiness
You are worried for the routine obstacles which you face, too much of stress on you, even expenses or financial requirements can be high
Do – think before taking any decision, it can go wrong also
Don’t – don’t depend on luck, it may not benefit you in this period
Career profession or business can be very rewarding, your uneasy thoughts do not have any real basis, your hard work itself can bring a lot of good luck for you
Do – protect your money, do take care of health also
Don’t – don’t be uneasy, there is no cause for any upset or concern
Generally lucky period, but financial or accounting weakness can cause differences professional gains are stable and that gives happiness
Do – focus on your abilities, students will also gain from these indications
Don’t – don’t cause dispute with your spouse, in any dispute you will be largely to be blamed
A period of concerns or setback, period of some loss also, students are not getting favourable results
Do – try to work better towards your profession, there are ups and downs in that
Don’t – don’t let personal matters spoil the professional decisions
Gainful period, business gains are indicated, but you are still uneasy because of obstacles, they are constantly bothering you,
Do – resolve any kind of financial disputes,
Don’t – don’t be uneasy this is a passing phase, obstacles will not last long

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