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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

9th January 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very lucky period, your outlook towards life is stable and positive, your efforts are in the right direction, God is kind and there is nothing to worry
Do – constantly involve towards your work, it is very well indicated
Don’t – don’t enter into conflicts, whether they are personal or professional protect your self from that
Weak period, obstacles and oppositions, boss may be against you, some financial pressures may also be there
Do – spend time with children, that will solve their problems
Don’t – don’t have any dispute with any government department or government related agency
Weak period, pressures of family and finances, but career is stable and that will protect you in many ways, colleagues and associates will be supportive
Do – stay calm there is no need for any panic, the situation is under control
Don’t – don’t enter into any arguments with you well wishers
Money may be stuck, you will have to enter into dispute to resolve that, some losses may still be there, profession requires very careful handling
Do – involve with your spouse and family, that will avoid differences of opinion
Don’t – don’t use any harsh words against any one, that can lead to problems for you
Your love relationships is strong, but some financial viewpoint may cause upsets in that, money may be stuck
Do – concentrate on your profession there are weaknesses in that
Don’t – don’t lend any money, it is better to be safe than to be sorry
You want to change the place but there are many hidden issues, some losses are also indicated
Do – support your children in every way, they need this care
Don’t – don’t ignore the pressures of career, it incites that you have to fulfill higher responsibilities
Friends can be very supportive and helpful, change of place possible on account of professional reasons, financial position is stable
Do – involve with family members and also support them in every way
Don’t – don’t take any loan, that money may not be utilized in the right direction
Professional gains are indicated, your own efforts may be less than optimal, But God is kind in many ways
Do – work hard, it can led to enormous financial gains for you
Don’t – don’t think that you are always right, you can be wrong also
Extremely lucky period, gains in your career, but your performance must be stable, don’t have any ups and downs in that
Do – devote some time for prayers, it is very important
Don’t – don’t have any dissatisfaction on your mind, that will not help in any way
Very weak period, obstacles problems and losses, are indicted, luck is still supportive
Do – stay calm, involve in your work, be on the path of righteousness
Don’t – don’t get into any conflicts, don’t expect any magical solutions in life
You will gain from you business partners, financial gains are indicated, but routine matters bother you
Do – stay calm, support others, others in turn will support you
Don’t – don’t get into conflicts, that will lead to losses
Gain of money from some loans or borrowings, you may gain from some government source also, but there may be needless expenditure in that
Do – repay old loans and take fresh loans, depend on family for that
Don’t – don’t let any differences of opinion spoil the stability of your profession

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