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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2nd January 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Period of confusions and dissatisfactions, financial and professional ups and downs may be there, you may be unhappy with the lack of support from others
Do – involve better with others, listen to others and gain from them, stay calm
Don’t – don’t risk your money in any risky venture, don’t be uneasy
You are dissatisfied with profession and career, you want your family to be more helpful
Do – avoid differences of opinion, take care of health
Don’t – don’t argue with others, don’t have doubts on your own abilities
Despite your efforts your focus towards studies is not there, that indicates lack of concentration, you are too confused and depending on luck only
Do – work hard, keep up your efforts
Don’t – don’t depend on luck, don’t day dream about money that will not help
You are unhappy about family matters, you think that nothing is moving smoothly, financial pressures may also be there
Do – stay connected with family and take their help
Don’t – don’t be confused, don’t have a feeling of lack of trust in others
You are not satiated with your business partners, your supporters and well-wishers still try to help you, but you are finding inherent weakness or defects in all that
Do – trust your partners and relations, try to improve your creativity and skills
Don’t – don’t oppose your elders, they are trying to be helpful only
Health concerns may bother you, your eating habits may lead to problems, financial stability is ensured
Do – make a lot of efforts and hard work towards your career profession business etc.
Don’t – don’t ignore your health that can lead to problems
Financial position is stable, lack of trust in some love relationship, erratic behavior is dangerous
Do – talk over your differences, better still write a letter and explain your position
Don’t – don’t be depressed, everything will be all right
Your financial position is strong and stable, expenses in family are very high, that upsets you, why create pressures on you that will lead to health related concerns also
Do – devote more time with family, that will help you to understand their issues better
Don’t – don’t be upset about your expenses, God is kind to provide that prosperity
Your self confidence is high, your career is stable, but your performance is less than normal, your outflows are wasteful
Do – gain from this favourable time for your career
Don’t – don’t waste your money and time in pleasures, that can lead to loss only for you
Business is stable but routine expenses are high, you are not happy with your career and financial inflows, hence you remain dissatisfied
Do – shed from your mind the fears and anxieties about money
Don’t – don’t use any harsh tongue against any one
Lucky and stable period for you, that gives you happiness, children will settle in gainful employment
Do – take the blessings of your elders
Don’t – don’t cause ups and downs of thinking, don’t have dissatisfactions on your mind
Career and business is stable, unplanned expenses bother you, that can lead to disputes also
Do – remain connected with the strength of your career, devote time and energies in that
Don’t – don’t let wastages or losses put pressure on you, for that stay calm

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