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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30th January 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your strength lies in your commitment and hard work, but you are dissatisfied for relationships and for money
Day special – to expect more in life can be a positive trait because it motivates, but can be very negative if your remain dissatisfied or depressed, understand this difference
Stressful period because you have made it so, psychological upsets leading to differences at your work place, that causes obstacles
Do – stay calm, getting agitated will not help
Don’t – don’t have lack of trust at your work place especially on financial matters
Luck may or may not support but your focus should be to showcase your abilities, you have that fire in you but you are not satisfied
Day special – your boss is against you because your performance is not upto the mark
Property or home related problems can be there, you have to keep a very stable attitude, only then you will resolve this weakness
Do – try to control your routine expenses, that will reduce your financial pressures
Don’t – don’t ignore the importance of your family support, spend time with them
You are at cross roads, involvement towards children is perfect but involvement towards marriage is lacking
Do – repay the loans, financial pressures of your liabilities will have to be finished once for all
Don’t – don’t let the uneasiness on account of family spoil the stability of your career
Financial pressures are there, pressure for investment is also there, but don’t borrow unless absolutely essential
Day special – professional pressures are there, those need careful handling, property related investment can e beneficial in the long run
Emotional involvement may not give you happiness, pressures can be there, even oppositions and differences will have to be faced
Do – involve towards your profession, also try to increase your knowledge
Don’t – don’t get into arguments in any relationship
Stress for family on being away for professional reasons, gains from profession are well ensured
Do – your unstable thinking will be removed soon, have trust in your abilities, also think with your head and not with your heart
Don’t – don’t be upset with property related stress, that will be removed soon
Financial pressures are not real, they are made up in the mind, overall prosperity is ensured
Day special – don’t let your own confusions and dissatisfactions increase, that will reduce your own performance, protect your self from that
Concerns about your career and your financial position, weak period, all kinds of pressures are on you,
Do – involve in your career with full commitment
Don’t – don’t let financial situation trouble you so much, have some patience, everything will be alright
Luck favors you, but you are still not happy, your expenses are high, on children, family, on day to day needs
Day special – understand the strength of your profession, that will reduce the needless thoughts of your confusions which keep on bothering you
Health concerns and expenses, these two major indications are weak, that makes you psychologically distressed also
Do – control wasteful expenses, otherwise you will have to borrow again
Don’t – don’t be too uneasy, this period is a passing phase, this will not last long, have patience

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