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Sunday, January 27, 2008

27th January 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Weak period for happiness, pressures for career and fulfillment of your responsibilities, but luck supports you fully
Do – take care of health
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of problems in your career or business, protect your self form that, be calm
Excellent period in the beginning of the week, very lucky developments in home and family, from mid week pressures and health issues, also obstacles which are sudden
Day special – think carefully before taking any decision, so that you don’t make any mistakes
Very favourable period and nothing to worry, towards the end of the week some health issues may bother you
Do – try to handle the routine issues better, that requires some conditioning
Don’t – don’t reduce your hard work, don’t be lethargic
You have been passing through stressful times, but in this overall weakness this is a stable week, you are trying to improve the circumstances and you are achieving success in your efforts
Day special – overall pressures – personal and professional, but you are trying to handle these situations well, that is your strength in this week
You will resolve many financial issues this week, you can come out of many problems and obstacles, this is shaping to be a better period
Do – devote time in your career fully in the next three days
Don’t – don’t get into confusions and expectations connected with money
You are getting into a period of uneasiness in your career, as such there are continuing obstacles for you, your own abilities are under a question mark
Day special – accept this reality that you have to sail through this difficult times now gradual improvement is coming work towards that and you will succeed
Some stress in the next two days, this can be connected with your career and your place of stay, but everything will be alright soon
Do – work hard, this period can be very supportive for that
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of pressures in home and family, avoid that
Stressful week especially on the financial front, everything else is stable and happy, career is stable but luck may not favor you
Do – professional pressures may be reduced this week, concentrate on that
Don’t – don’t depend on luck, that will not help
Some professional pressures wills tart appearing, you will have to start working hard now, towards end of week work related stress will be there
Do – involve in your career from this week, that is required
Don’t – don’t be psychologically stressed, work and involvement is essential in life
Generally favourable week, luck wills tart supporting you now
Do – stress must be controlled now
Don’t – don’t plan any changes, don’t ignore the importance of proper investigations for health related issues
Beginning of the week starts with dissatisfactions from Tuesday stability, your strength is financial prosperity
Day special – good times are starting for students, this will support your efforts in the days to come, gain from that
Career is stable but this week is challenging, you will have to involve more
Do – gain from family support, that will start appearing from this week in abundance
Don’t – don’t be stressed, pressures will continue, don’t get dejected with that

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