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Monday, January 7, 2008

7th January 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Dissatisfactions connected with your emotions are not valid, you are doing fine, there is all-round support for you,
Do – expect luck to support you immensely, hence there is nothing to worry
Don’t – don’t let uneasiness bother you, otherwise it will affect your career also
Family concerns or thoughts are weighing heavy on your mind, even boss may be against you, but you have to depend on your seniors or elders, that will protect you
Do – stay connected with your loved ones, and also show that commitment
Don’t – don’t think about the obstacles in a negative way, some obstacles help us to become a better human being
You are trying to work hard, that is a very positive indication, that will lead to all-round support for you
Do – understand that your efforts are leading to your eventual success in life
Don’t – don’t let expenses or pleasures spoil the stability of your life, everything is good in a moderation only
Financial position may be under stress, but you have to repay your loans also, that is important, for that some pressures are bound to be there
Do – try to resolve the differences, do take care for health also
Don’t – don’t let marital relations become weak, if there are differences then talk it over
Your thinking and direction is very positive, even students are working well, that can lead to your eventual stability in life
Do – continue to be focused towards your studies, even your relationships are supportive
Don’t – don’t let the financial matters be the bone of any contention
Worries for dispute or loss can be there, someone may try to cheat you or cause loss to you, you have to take the help of family to protect you from these circumstances
Do – continue to focus towards your career, that only will protect you from obstacles
Don’t – don’t let anyone cheat you, take due precautions, be careful
Financial situation is stable, you are on the right track, luck favors you, far off linkages may indicate some travels also
Do – trust others, otherwise your gains may be reduced
Don’t – don’t have any hidden factors in your relationships, that will not help
Career is stable, but some dissatisfaction may be there, your family has to support you in your pressures of work also
Do – gain from these excellent forces for professional growth
Don’t – don’t waste money on pleasures, exercise some constraint
Luck is favoring you but you are not sure, some doubts are still there on your mind, but they are not valid, there is overall auspiciousness to protect you
Do – have faith in God, God’s wish is always paramount
Don’t – don’t have self doubts, you are doing fine
Weak period on many counts, obstacles and losses, but your career is still all right to give you contentment, In weak periods one must pray to God to give peace and protection
Do – stay focused towards your strengths, these are your studies, your career and your relationships
Don’t – don’t have any arguments with boss or elders, , that can harm you only
You are focused in your marriage, your spouse is supportive, still you are having doubts on your mind, even professional matters are stable, don’t have needless worries
Do – resolve any financial matter or differences of opinion
Don’t – don’t let the marital stability be under doubt or problem
Financial matters and lack of trust, when these tow things combine then disputes arise, protect your self form that,
Do – enjoy the prosperity of good times, especially your career
Don’t – don’t have needless doubts, it can spoil the stability of your profession

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