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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monday 11 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not happy with your work or with your finances, that is why you are getting into stressful situations and difficulties also.
Day special – But more than anything else you will have to control your own extremes of thinking, that is not possibly the way to handle your present psychological makeup as you are becoming more and more stressed.

Vrishabh – You have thoughts connected with your partners as well as with your business partners, you are also apprehensive as to what others are doing and you are stressing yourself with that.
Do – There is need to trust others and to connect with others, and you will realize that people around you are more than willing to come forward and connect with you.
Don’t – Don’t in the process reduce your own efforts or your involvement, that is something which you will have to maintain with regularity over a period of time.

Mithun – Stress and conflicts in home and family are indicated, and more than others you are getting into stressful situations from your side.
Day special – This is also a period wherein you may create more of pressures or loss for yourself, as a result you are being careless with your financial planning as well.

Karka – You must understand that this period can help you to work hard and remain motivated, but your own performance in not as great because you are not satisfied with your own involvement.
Do – There are many doubts in your mind as far as relationships are concerned also, for that reason your dissatisfactions are more prominent than anything else.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that the indirect linkages of your work must remain positive to give you the rewards, you must not think of your work in a negative manner as that will reduce your performance also.

Simha – You may not be able to discuss your matters peacefully, that may create some pressures in your personal life also which needs protection.
Day special – You must involve in your work also in a manner which is rewarding, for that reason your focus must remain high to give you the rewards of your efforts with each step forward.

Kanya – You may not be happy with your own hard work but generally this period is supportive and lucky for you, there are many situations which keep on supporting you and that includes your relationships as well.
Do – Differences will have to be avoided at any cost, especially in some love relationship you will have to be careful on this aspect.
Don’t – Don’t forget that sudden obstacles of unexpected nature will continue to be there, you will have to therefore protect yourself and also plan in such a manner that such situations do not arise.

Tula – This is a period of wastages which will have to be curtailed, but more than anything else you may be unhappy with your savings also largely.
Day special – This is also a period where you are putting your money into risk, but there is only one solution to this that you must keep your thinking very stable so that you do not get into any loss.

Vrishchik – Despite dissatisfactions your focus is such that you will be rewarded, and luck will indirectly favor you in that entire process.
Do – You may be very caring towards others but you may not get the same support from others, that is where the problem lies and you may feel frustrated.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your dissatisfactions increased to a level that you become depressed, this is where a lot of care is needed.

Dhanu – Work related situation needs additional input and additional effort, on one hand there are problems and on the other hand you are unhappy with the situation also.
Day special – Discuss your matters and communicate as much as possible, that will help you to overcome the problems which you are facing, and that is important.

Makar – You are depending on luck for various things, that includes your personal relationships as well as on your monetary matters.
Do – You are also trying to balance your relationships in some emotional involvement, but your dissatisfactions are not letting the best flow emerge and that is where you are unhappy.
Don’t – Don’t get into any heated arguments at this stage, remain peaceful and let this period pass, that is the only way forward.

Kumbh – Work related pressures can be immense and may lead to even differences and problems, your dissatisfactions will also start showing in a negative manner.
Day special – There is need for you to connect with your own people and discuss your matters, that will help you to look at your strengths and that lies in your knowledge and skills.

Meena – You have to take care of your loved ones at every step, even if you are stressed or dissatisfied you have these responsibilities to fulfill.
Do – Lucky developments may motivate you to move on the right path, and that will help you to overcome many of your issues.
Don’t – Don’t therefore unnecessarily create dissatisfactions on your mind, a little bit of effort can change your situation to your advantage and that is the indication of the chart.

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