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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday 18 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be determined from your side but you are also creating obstacles in many ways for yourself, and the root cause of all these issues are connected with money alone.
Do – You have to protect your finances in such a manner that no one takes advantage of you, for that you have to be careful.
Don’t – Don’t be too aggressive in what you think or what you speak, that can lead to more of problems.

Vrishabh – Many changes may be there on your mind, but the deciding factor should be such that your abilities must come to focus.
Day special – You have to associate with others and you have to get the help of others, but also at the same time you have to protect yourself from wastages which are not looking good.

Mithun – Unplanned ways are indicated because you are thinking in a very impulsive manner, for that reason some amount of carelessness is indicated from your side.
Do – Care is needed for you own people so that you may help others and get that help in return, and you will be abundantly benefited with this effort.
Don’t – Don’t forget that gains from property are also indicated, if you plan your issues well you may be benefited also.

Karka – Immensely beneficial period for you to get the gains of your efforts, as a result you have to take care and protect those gains as much as possible.
Day special – Psychologically however you have to be more at peace, otherwise certain steps may be taken by you which are not as beneficial.

Simha – Excellent period for taking your career forward, but you must trust yourself and your abilities in the process.
Do – For that reason it is essential to remove the differences of opinion which you are carrying, in your personal life or with your partner or associates you have to make that effort.
Don’t – Don’t also constantly think of changes or alternatives only, that is not the solution to anything in life.

Kanya – There may be many obstacles and luck may not favor you in taking any risks, you have to therefore be very careful in many issues.
Day special – Relationships may not workout the way you expect, there can be differences and pressures in the process, that is why your peaceful attitude will come to your help.

Tula – You may be risking the stability of your life unnecessarily, whether in monetary terms or in relationships you may even go wrong.
Do – Care is needed to maintain harmony with others, and for that you have to remain very pleasant in what you speak.
Don’t – Don’t plan for anything without proper care, lot of judicious thinking is required for each step forward.

Vrishchik – You may be able to connect with others but you are not able to resolve the differences in the process, but that is dependant on how you conduct yourself and how much trust you have for others.
Day special – Gains are indicated as a result of your own involvement, and for that reason God is kind to you in many ways.

Dhanu – There are pressures in relationships as well as on financial front, and you have many thoughts on your mind on account of which you are feeling stressed.
Do – Handling one issue at a time is more important, take those small steps forward and you will see that things become beneficial.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of conflict or wastage from your side, and you will see that half of the battle will be won.

Makar – Relationships are important and you are giving your hundred percent towards it, but still there are lingering issues on account of which you are not able to handle those issues to your advantage.
Day special – Even in work related matters there are differences which are continuing to be there, you have to protect yourself to maintain that peace and harmony which is very important.

Kumbh – Your efforts can bring rewards in personal and professional life, and for that reason your relationships can also remain stable and vibrant the way you want.
Do – More than anything else you have to constantly involve in whatever you are doing, and you will see that the path will automatically be smooth for you with that effort.
Don’t – Don’t forget that while you take those steps forward you will have to associate with your own people, and that is possible only if you try and understand them and connect with them.

Meena – Even in adverse circumstances this period can motivate you, this is a lucky period in many ways and which will help you to move on the right path.
Day special – Relationships are very important to you and you will be able to devote your time towards that, but it can be a challenge and it may not be easy, but making effort is more important than succeeding in any effort.

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