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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunday 24 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – This is a positive period to connect with your loved ones and draw that happiness which you deserve, that is why the circumstances are supporting you and your emotional relationships are becoming vibrant.
Do – Financial angle is stable and you will be able to think and invest judiciously, for that reason any proposal for property related investment must also be considered.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you can get the support from your well-wishers and your partners in the process, try to get that as this is a lucky and helpful period in that respect as well.

Vrishabh – If there are changes on your mind then this can be a motivating period for you to take those steps, but care may still be needed so that you do not become wasteful or create problems for yourself.
Week special – Proper planning is needed at every step, you can get the help of your family also who may be willing to guide you now.

Mithun – While your knowledge and skills will help you to improve your financial position your wastages may still take away some of it and that is not right, therefore you will have to understand as to what is essential and what is wasteful.
Do – Any kind of financial issues or financial disputes must be avoided, that may lead to unnecessary pressures for you.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this can be a positive period for you to involve in some love relationship, at least you can convey your thoughts or portray your views in a positive manner.

Karka – Generally stable and lucky period for personal happiness to be intact, for that reason you will be able to involve yourself in a very professional manner both in personal and professional decisions.
Week special – Excellent period for financial prosperity as there are gains for you from many sources, but more than anything else you will be able to plan your finances very well and that is the positiveness which you carry.

Simha – Some amount of wastages are indicated because you are taking too drastic decisions, that is why you will have to plan effectively at this stage.
Do – You must remember that your efforts must not get wasted, if you carry too many thoughts on your mind then this is likely to happen.
Don’t – Don’t be aggressive to take hasty decisions, just because financial position is stable you cannot risk it in any manner.

Kanya – Excellent period for financial circumstances but there are upsets in the offing as well, on matters connected with expenses or outflows there may be sudden issues which may crop up.
Week special – Routine kind of issues may have to be handled or addressed carefully, especially with people who are important you have to be all the more careful.

Tula – Your involvement towards work is praiseworthy and that shows as to how committed you are, but you must remember that there is need for you to arrange funds for your work related needs.
Do – But there are pressures on the personal front which are continuing, but that is a situation which is likely to improve very fast and then many things will be in control.
Don’t – Don’t for that reason aggravate any disagreements at this stage, this is a passing phase and the situation will improve very soon.

Vrishchik – Work related situation requires involvement of your own people, for that reason there is lot of interaction which is needed in a bid to reduce your own pressures.
Week special – There are issues and differences of opinion which will have to be understood, health is also a factor which needs care especially if there are stomach related problems.

Dhanu – You will have to protect your money in such a manner that you do not risk it from your side, for that reason taking or giving of loans will have to be avoided.
Do – Personal relationships are important and you must continue to give that importance side by side, also take care of your loved ones and take care of their health.
Don’t – Don’t let any disagreements appear for financial reasons, that is something which can be judiciously handled if you move forward with carefulness.

Makar – Very auspicious period to help others and connect others, in the process you will be able to control many of those upsets which can have there lingering effect.
Week special – For this very reason personal relationships can be very vibrant and you can take some love relationship forward, you are therefore blessed that these circumstances are placed in such a manner.

Kumbh – Auspiciousness is getting reduced because of disagreements, generally this is a very positive period but you may have to avoid those conflicts which are shaping up.
Do – Continue to remain committed in your involvements and that is important, whatever you are doing is your priority at this stage which you must remember.
Don’t – Don’t indulge in anything which can be too drastic, try to maintain that moderation which is very essential.

Meena – There are bound to be obstacles at every step, especially in terms of relationships you will have to use a lot of judiciousness.
Week special – If you connect with others and convey your thoughts to others then you will be benefited, for that reason a constant and proper interaction is needed over a period of time.

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