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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tuesday 5 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are worried for your financial position, you are also stressed for your relationships at the same time.
Day special – You are carrying many worries on your mind which are making you very agitated, as a result you may be angry or you may be unhappy with people around you, that is where you have to understand your own deficiencies also.

Vrishabh – Your expectations from your own people in home and family are very high, and they are not being met the way you expect and that is where you are increasing your own stress.
Do – You must understand that others are doing as much for you as it is possible, with a result that you are also getting enough motivation in the process.
Don’t – Don’t still expect more than what is practically possible, otherwise you may remain uneasy and unhappy and that is not right.

Mithun – On one hand I can see a positive angle that your motivation is high and you are able to work hard, on the other hand I feel that you are not happy with your financial position and with your financial pressures.
Day special – Largely it is a situation which requires lot of peace on your mind, but at the same time you will have to protect yourself from any kind of loss so that you are not put to any kind of difficulty.

Karka – While rewards from work are generally stable you are not still happy because you want to achieve much more, but there is a pattern in which you are creating more of problems for yourself rather than any advantage.
Do – Your financial position is becoming such that you are not able to plan properly, that is why wastages are indicated and that is why you are not as comfortable.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you have to trust your own work and your abilities, that will bring you the necessary self confidence which is very essential at this stage.

Simha – Work related situation can get a big boost, you may not be satisfied but I can see the advantage playing its positive role for you and you will be benefited.
Day special – Your own positive motivation is likely to give you the rewards the way you expect, for that reason you will have to plan carefully and be very stable in your thinking.

Kanya – Certain obstacles are evident and you are stressed on account of that, that is why you are thinking of major changes and major alternatives also.
Do – Before taking any decision you will have to become stress-free, only then you will be able to plan properly and execute those plans carefully.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in personal life also this period can be pressurizing, that is why a lot of carefulness is needed so that you do not go wrong.

Tula – You may be putting your money into difficulty and that is where the problem lies, especially if someone is trying to promise you big rewards you may be carried away with that.
Day special – Still there is lot of protection and auspiciousness connected with this period, that is one aspect of it but the bigger aspect still remains that wastages will have to be curtailed.

Vrishchik – You will have to connect with others and do it wholeheartedly from your side, carrying any doubts or apprehensions about others is not advisable.
Do – Work is important and work pressures are to be accepted as a reality, that is how you have to plan and take the next step.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that you cannot annoy people around you, especially those who are important in your sphere and who have to keep happy is something which you will have to understand.

Dhanu – Stress and pressures are there because differences of opinion are there, even in relationships you are not able to create that peace which is very essential.
Day special – Financial position is generally stable and that should make you happy, but small issues here and there will have to be avoided which may lead to your situation becoming complicated, for that reason you have to depend on your own goodness and make others happy with that.

Makar – You may be worried as to whether you can carry your relationships forward, but you are stressed and you are making many issues in your mind which you are not able to handle.
Do – Largely it is a weak period which you will have to accept as a reality, relationships are not as comfortable as you would like them to be and that is where you are feeling stressed.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that in personal life, in home and family there may be issues which you are not able to handle, that is another complicating factor which is making the situation adverse for you.

Kumbh – You are able to concentrate and involve well with your own people the way it should be, that is why your efforts are remarkable and praiseworthy.
Day special – In handling the matters connected with professional life lot of professionalism is needed, if there are deficiencies in your performance then they will have to addressed otherwise they may lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.

Meena – You have the ability and you have to put it to right use at this moment, for that reason there is need for removing the lack of trust which you have for your own abilities.
Do – Psychological conflicts are indicated which can show its impact in your personal life, that is where you will have to take your steps forward with lot of carefulness.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that your own loved ones may be supportive of you, but you are not able to still handle your personal life the way it should be, therefore there are many things and many aspects which will have to be addressed one by one.

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