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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday 3 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh: situations are becoming stressful for you routinely, but actually there is no substance in your worries and problems
Week special: some issues crop up for you on account of your rigid behavior, make your thinking flexible and it will help

Vrish: you can work hard now and get the real advantage as a result, your studies can bring success and help you make your destiny
Do: not only your performance will improve but also your rewards in the form of gains will accumulate, that is a blessing
Don’t : don’t forget that luck has a positive role to play in all this, for that you have to be ever thankful to god for this virtue

Mithun: luck may not support you fully, but the circumstances may still be very advantageous for you, that is why you have to speak vey politely and gather as much goodness for you at this stage as possible
Week special: your saving may grow but somehow you are still very careless with your finances, you will have to learn to conserve your resources and not carry undue worries on your mind

Karka: you are motivated and whatever be the situation you want to make it successful for you,. That is the self confidence which will help you achieve so much in life
Do: routine wastages in travels will have to be protected, as such money need s that care so that you don’t incur loss for yourself
Don’t: forget that there are advantages for you in this entire pattern, your self confidence will motivate you and your motivation will give you that increased self confidence. And hence God is kind to you to show you that path

Simha: your rigidness is not to your advantage, as a result you may even be very agitated or angry with others
Week special: the patterns is such that there are problems for you, even increased expenses will lead to problems which actually need to be controlled

Kanya : money may come easily and from many sources, it may even be available to you by merely asking in the forms of loans or borrowings
Do: the more you arrange money the more it will get wasted, for that reason you will have to plan well and not let this situation convert into loss for you

Tula: professional matters will help you and please you, but thoughts connected with instability will also bother you unless you are careful
Week special: changes or alternatives may lead to more of loss or distress for you which is not desired, you may therefore keep yourself very stable in your thinking and not make any mistake from your side

Vrishchik: luck may favour you to make your financial situation comfortable, but more than luck it is your own hard work which is giving you the favorable results
Do: carrying stress is not right, for that reason this period is not meant for making any big changes or decisions
Don’t: don’t annoy anyone who is important in your life, that may include your partner your well wishers, your spouse or even your boss

Dhanu: there are challenges in your personal life which you will have to take in your positive stride, that will require a lot of careful planning
Week special: don’t become rigid in any manner as it may complicate your matters at this stage, you will have to try and understand the views of others and also try to align yourself with others

Makar: connect with your partners or well wishers as much as you can, that will help you to resolve the minor differences which have been bothering you
Do: the more you communicate with others it will be better, that will bring in that factor of luck supporting you and helping you
Don’t: don’t be too firm in your views that will help you to understand the views of others as well for the purpose of harmony and compatibility which is required

Kumbh: weak period in many ways as relationships are becoming stressful, that may lead to many hidden issues resurface to cause upsets and complications
Week special: changes may lead to losses, therefore this period needs to be handles by becoming very mild from your side

Meena: relationships mean a lot to you, and for that reason your loved ones are supportive of you in every sense, your family is loving and caring towards you
Do: your positive ways of communicating will help you to align with others, especially in some love relationship you will be able to influence others and win the hearts of others
Don’t: there is risk of sudden developments disturbing the peace of personal life, for that reason you have to be aware of these forces so that you remain careful from your side

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