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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday 17 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your involvement in work is going to give you the rewards and the happiness the way you want, that is why your self confidence is increasing and will help you immensely in future as well.
Week special – Largely this is a situation of advantage which you can reap in terms of rewards, and a little bit of planning in this regard can further improve your situation and your overall prosperity.

Vrishabh – Luck is a favorable factor which is playing its positive role for you, it is indirectly motivating you to achieve greater heights and to work towards your goals.
Do – The more you communicate the better it will be for your future efforts, for that reason your own involvement is going to be beneficial immensely. Relationships are important to you and your efforts are also directed towards that, you must therefore convey your thoughts the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to take the support and guidance of others in this journey called life, and for that reason you have to trust others as well.

Mithun – Psychological pressures will have to be set aside as they cannot be carried on forever, you have to therefore become optimistic in life which is very important.
Week special – Personal life issues are important and they have to be discussed, even the smallest effort in that respect will prove to be beneficial to resolve those issues from your side.

Karka – Your desire to be supportive to others is going to benefit you immensely, at least it can provide that internal motivation which is very important for anyone to succeed.
Do – The best advantage therefore is to communicate with others and convey your thoughts from your side, that will provide the goodness to even gain in terms of financial inflows which is very important.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that the need to use your own knowledge in such a manner that you are able to trust your own abilities, and that trust eventually will give you greater benefits in future as well.

Simha – Health related issues will have to be discussed and solutions arrived, but you will have to discuss your matters in such a manner that you are cooperative toward others.
Week special – From your side you may be a bit wasteful or rigid in your thoughts, that is why you are not appreciating the viewpoint of others in what they are trying to suggest.

Kanya – Relationships are important and you are aware of that, and in the process you are becoming a bit too wasteful also as you want to please others and wish to take your thoughts to rigidly.
Do – Relationships carry a risk of ups and downs of your own thinking, that is why a lot of stable thinking is required from your side in a regular manner.
Don’t – Don’t give too much of importance to money in matters connected with relationships, and that is important to understand from the bigger perspective of conveying your goodness and remaining honest in your thoughts.

Tula – Personal life issues are important and you have to resolve any factors of distress which is continuing, for that reason you will have to remove that distance and come closer to your own people the way it is desired.
Week special – If your own people have moved away then it is your responsibility to bring them back, for that reason you have to understand their viewpoint and bridge that gap which has been created in your mutual thinking.

Vrishchik – Your efforts are pointed and that is your strength, luck is also supportive because you are constantly involved in your work.
Do – The best advantage still remains in terms of your hard work and your abilities, but you will have to possibly trust others more than what you have done in the past as that will remove many complications which you are carrying.
Don’t – Don’t for the time being expect others to be supportive, but that should be your effort over a period of time and slowly you have to create those circumstances.

Dhanu – Financial angle is generally supportive and your savings are adequate, you will be able to use your money judiciously in your work to fulfill your needs and your responsibilities.
Week special – On financial front therefore largely God is kind and your situation is stable, and these are the factors which lead to eventual happiness in life.

Makar – The support you get from other is such which will make you happy, but there are many factors playing there roles side by side and which have to be given importance eventually.
Do – Relationships are important to you but you are not able to hold on to them the way you want, that is why there are routine kind of issues and pressures which you will have to be addressed.
Don’t – Don’t also try to have any lack of trust in relationships especially on financial matters, that is where you may go wrong unnecessarily and show your weakness.

Kumbh – Wastages are indicated and you are inclined to create those wastages from side, that is why this period is showing very poor planning from your side at this moment.
Week special – Largely it is a situation which requires carefulness on day-to-day basis, there is no magic wand which will solve these problems but you will have to take your decisions carefully and judiciously.

Meena – Financial angle is very important to you and your friends and well-wishers mean a lot to you, and they carry that importance at this moment.
Do – Try to understand as to what are your responsibilities in relationships, especially in what you speak you have to remain pleasant and supportive.
Don’t – Don’t carry that distress of your mind or lack of trust for your own people in whatever you say or communicate, that is where your goodness will lie and your honesty will be reflected.

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