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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monday 4 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh: your efforts will bring peace in home and family and you will be satisfied with that but you will still have to exercise a lot of restraint
Do: becoming overpowering on others can be dangerous, you may lose the goodwill and support from others
Don’t: don’t therefore become too stiff in your thoughts, take care of others as much as possible, that will bring you closer to others

Vrish: this period will help you study well and gather that self confidence as a result, your knowledge is your strength and that will give you success, remember that
Day special: for all these reasons the personal life relationships are very vibrant, you are able to show that care for others and get the love and blessings in return, in abundance

Mithun: financial position is stable and storing, you will get gains from some property as well
Do: more than anything else your own people are supportive and caring towards you and that will make you happy
Don’t: issues in personal life are very fragile still, a little bit of upset can disturb this stability and harmony, don’t let that happen

Karka: your self confidence is playing some negative role also at this stage, you are constantly thinking of changes or alternatives where there is no need for that also
Day special: there are these forces of instability which are becoming stronger, as a result you may even think of major changes or change of place as well, that may require very careful decision making

Simha: you are creating loss for yourself, you are being too rigid in your thoughts and that may complicate the whole situation unnecessarily
Do: you will have to consider all aspects of life carefully; you cannot fritter away the gains of this period from your side, that is something which you will have to remember
Don’t: don’t neglect the need to involve in your work with regularity, that involvement will give you immense benefit as you will see

Kanya: financial gains from your work are flowing, your own involvement is such that you are getting benefitted as a result
Day special: money is need in your work, and some amount of wastages will also be there as a result, that is why a lot of carefulness is needed to fulfill these bigger requirements

Tula: luck may favour your but certain changes or wastages may take away that advantage also, especially in financial matters this is very essential to understand
Do: routine kind of day to day issues will have to be given importance, that carefulness is need over a period of time to protect you and stabilize you at the same time
Don’t: financial angle is well placed, and all your needs will be met adequately, don’t therefore worry without reason, God is kind

Vrishchik: lucky period in many ways, pressures are something which is essential ingredient of doing well in life, therefore I am calling this a period of advantage despite these pressures
Day special: professional matters are very fragile, even smallest disturbance can be costly, hence protect this situation as much as possible

Dhanu: you may feel pressure on routine issues, but understand that this is life and it has all the hues and colours like that of a rainbow, there are pressures at times which have to be accepted as a reality
Do: understand that each day cannot be positive, and there cannot be darkness all the time, there is always a new beginning and e day waiting for you
Don’t: don’t forget that there is help support and divine blessing available to you that will protect you and your goodness in paying the long run

Makar: when you connect with others or support others, then do it whole heartedly, that will make the entire story vey vibrant and happy for you,
Day special: minor issues and conflicts may be there, but you may still have to protect your relationships as much as possible, that is very essential in life

Kumbh: personal relationship are coming under a cloud, but these clouds are such that you need to contemplate as to why these situations occurrence take them in your positive stride
Do: be mild and grant to others, hers views may be given that importance and in the process you will show your goodness to others
Don’t: don’t carry any psychological issues on your mind, and also don’t think more that what is required, that is not needed

Meena: Your relationships mean a lot to yond you are committed and honest, that separates you from others, but there are many ups and downs of your thinking which makes your thinking unstable
Day special: you must maintain this goodness over a period of time, that regularity is going to help you to gain in life and share this happiness with others

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