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Friday, July 1, 2011

Saturday 2 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh: luck is favoring you a and you are motivated to take that advantage, you are also able to use your knowledge very well for this reason
Do: try to make best use of this period, study well and work accordingly, you will get the rewards
Don’t: Don’t think or plan for changes if you are not fully satisfied, taking decisions in confusions will not be advantageous.

Vrish: Obstacles and losses are indicated, your care is also needed in handling finances also,
Day special: despite problems and pressures you are motivated, you will be able to really work hard as a result

Mithun: you will gain as a result of your commitment towards work; even your partners will be supportive as a result
Do: you have the desire to save and accumulate wealth; this thought will further motivate you as a result
Don’t: forget that your knowledge and skills will have to be used regularly; you are taking steps towards some love relationship also which will give you happiness

Karka: luck is favoring you to take your life forward, but there can be some misunderstandings also from which you have to protect yourself
Day special: you may require funds which will have to be arranged, if need be you can consider taking loans also which will be used judiciously

Simha: some love relationship can be highly satisfying for you, but it may have certain hidden issues which you will have to address
Do: there can be upsets in handling your finances for which you have to be careful, therefore taking risk is not suggested
Don’t: don’t forget that even routine kinds of day to day issues will also have to be handled judiciously; you cannot ignore them as they will become complicated

Kanya: issues in personal life are not as well placed. There can be hidden factors which may crop up suddenly and give you problems
Day special: gains from work will be ensured, therefore your focus must lie in that, but you must remember that there are responsibilities which you will have to fulfill with lot of devotion towards others

Tula: constant involvement towards others is needed at this stage, you will have to protect yourself from misunderstandings at the same time
Do: luck may favour you at your work place, and savings will have to be protected
Don’t: don’t risk your savings in any manner that it leads to loss for you, for that reason carefulness may be required at every step

Vrishchik: you will speak in a manner which may lead to complications; you have to therefore show your care and concern for others more than anything else
Day special: you are stressing yourself in matters which require lot of peace, hence this period is troubling you more than it is providing that comfort

Dhanu: you are very devoted towards your loved ones, and as a result you are worrying also on matters which do not show any need for those worries
Do: matters in marital life may be stressed because you are not able to handle small day to day issues with peace
Don’t: even on matters connected with finances you may getting into conflicts which can be actually avoided, you may therefore keep that practical viewpoint on your mind which is required

Makar: you are carrying stress for thoughts connected with travels of changes in life; even change of place may be on your mind
Day special: health of spouse may a cause for concern on your mind; you may also be worried for your loved ones in home and family for that very reason

Kumbh: highly motivating period for you to remain involved and show that commitment, but somehow the gains are not as well placed as you expect
Do: your day to day skills need to be sharpened, for that you have to involve with regularity to get the best advantage
Don’t: Don’t also forget that sudden upsets may appear which may disturb the peace of your life, that may include the need to take care of your health

Meena: financial gains from work are indicated, but you may want similar gains in your personal life as well, that may not be always possible that you get everything which is best for you
Day special: some love relationship is very strong on your mind; as a result you are able to take the support of your family as well. That is the advantage with which this period is placed

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