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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday 31 July 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Your efforts will start giving you positive results in relationships, but there may also be disagreements side by side in home and family.
Week special – You are being becoming a bit too rigid in your attitude and that is where some peace and moderation is needed, if you become humble then the circumstances will actually support you.

Vrishabh – Excellent period for your involvement and your rewards, the more you connect with others in personal life the more you will be benefited.
Do – This is a supportive period in many ways and that includes your personal relationships as well, but you carry a risk that you may annoy others also side by side.
Don’t – Don’t get angry and don’t neglect the opinion of your elders, that is very essential.

Mithun – This is a motivating period for you and as a result you will be good to others, you will also prove that by your care and warmth for others in what you speak.
Week special – As a result your own people will be supportive towards you, it is also favorable period for taking any decision connected with property related matters.

Karka – Your self confidence is high but that may lead to negativity also, if you are thinking of travels, changes, etc then you have to plan carefully.
Do – There are wastages indicated and there are loses indicated, as a result you will have to be careful in what decision you take.
Don’t – Don’t therefore become too forceful in your thoughts, you will have to therefore try and take the opinion of others even if it is not liked by you.

Simha – Financial angle is generally stable although you are becoming very wasteful in your thinking and actions, that is why you are taking certain decisions which are possibly not right.
Week special – Carefulness is needed in whatever you do, there may be lot of pressure on your finances as well because of your unplanned ways.

Kanya – Financial prosperity is indicated and you are benefited, but in decisions connected with work you will have to be very careful because of various reasons.
Do – There are thoughts on your mind which make you very rigid in your thoughts, and you wish to take those thoughts forward for whatever consequences it may have.
Don’t – Don’t think like that because there can be sudden upsets and obstacles in the process, you will have to therefore consider all aspects carefully and only then take the next step.

Tula – Work related situation is generally stable and supportive, luck is favoring you to give you the rewards and you will be happy as a result.
Week special – But if there are any thoughts or issues connected with change of place then carefulness may be needed, because there are certain aspects of decision making which require your planning to be more pointed and that is why these indications are placed in the chart.

Vrishchik – Luck in work related situation is challenging, that is why you have to come up to fulfill those challenges from your side and remain very humble in the process.
Do – Take care of your loved ones and try to understand their views, going against them may lead to a conflicting situation.
Don’t – Don’t therefore questions the ways of God the way they are placed, and for that reason that auspiciousness is maintained and you will be satisfied.

Dhanu – Stress is there on your mind because there are too many issues attached, in personal life as well as in career situation there are thoughts which are actually bothering you.
Week special – Largely these situations are made up in your mind, you are thinking a bit too rigidly and creating that stress in your mind, you have to therefore de-stress yourself in the process and then take the next step.

Makar – You cannot possibly depend on luck to take your steps forward, even if there are minor disagreements they should be protected so that they do not lead to bigger problems.
Do – It is praiseworthy that you are caring towards others, but there are situation in personal life which are still such which require greater involvement.
Don’t – Don’t therefore take everything as it appears, there are many factors which are not as well placed as you may think.

Kumbh – Psychological conflict is indicated because you are inflexible, even in personal relationships there are inherent and hidden factors which you will have to addressed all the time.
Week special – To avoid misunderstandings in personal life, in home, family and with partners, you must keep yourself stress free, keep patience

Meena – Personal relationships are strong on your mind but disagreements are continuing side by side, hence this period cannot be called stable and this may require lot of care.
Do – Care is needed even on small matters, in home, family and in personal relationships you will have to understand that there are obstacles at every step.
Don’t – Don’t therefore in the process neglect what you must do, you have to remain motivated and at least work hard towards your goals which include your work related situation also.

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