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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday 14 October 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – The more you connect with others you will find lot of auspiciousness around you, with that your own goodness will also emerge to make you happy.
Do – People around you are trustworthy and honest towards you, they are helpful and that is what is required in life.
Don’t – Don’t have any unfair thoughts towards others in home and family, you must remain supportive and helpful to others so that this period gives you happiness.

Vrishabh – Health related issues may be there on your mind and you may be worried, but actually there are routine kinds of issues which may not be as problematic as you may think.
Day special – Still there is need for you to take care and that is the keyword, also you must remember that unnecessary changes or travels may have to be avoided at this stage.

Mithun – Some love relationship is shaping up beautifully and giving you a lot of happiness, but there are deficiencies also from your side which you will have to remove.
Do – Whatever you speak is showing your deficiencies and your own issues, you will have to be careful in what you say because that can impact your relationships negatively.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that you can be nice to others in a bid to influence them, but it should not be done at the cost of creating any kind of big loss for yourself which is not required.

Karka – Personal life issues are well placed and supportive, you may be coming back to your own people and that distance which was created is getting bridged.
Day special – Work related situation needs to be improved because there are deficiencies in that, although I would still say that luck is supporting you adequately and protecting you in many ways.

Simha – Highly motivating period for you to work hard and to prove as to what you can do, for that reason your own hard work is going to benefit you immensely at every step.
Do – This period is also supportive in terms of financial stability, as a result the overall sense of peace and well being is available to you to make you happy.
Don’t – Don’t still unnecessarily depend on luck to cause loss for yourself, don’t therefore think that you can accomplish more than what is actually desired.

Kanya –
Day special –

Tula – This period gives you immense self confidence to move forward in life, therefore this is a supportive period in many ways which may help you to take your decision pragmatically.
Do – You may not be happy with the support which you may get from others despite your optimism in this regard, therefore it is essential that you keep your expectations low and not suffer in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that funds may be needed and your responsibilities will have to be fulfilled, and that is where the kind of support which you expect may not come by.

Vrishchik – Outflows are indicated and you are not able to control them, this is a period therefore which shows lot of expense which can be categorized as a favorable and happy situation for you.
Day special – If you are inclined to spend on pleasures or on investments then this is the right indication for you, also if there are auspicious expenses in home and family then this favorableness will make you happy.

Dhanu – Overall sense of auspiciousness is with you and you are blessed as far as your financial prosperity is concerned, but as a result you are becoming a bit careless also as far as your money is concerned.
Do – Unplanned ways must be avoided because that is where the problem lies, every step must be taken with carefulness from your side.
Don’t – Don’t be too aggressive or impulsive at the same time, don’t also be selfish in any manner which may show you in poor light, therefore lot of carefulness is needed at this stage.

Makar – Work related situation is becoming strong and stable, you have that ability which you can convert to your advantage.
Day special – Your skills, your knowledge, and your overall sense of well being in going to help you at this stage, all this is favorable but you are not being helpful to others where that need arises.

Kumbh – Lucky period and relationships will prosper as a result, routine type of issues or hindrances may still be there which you will have to resolve.
Do – This is a motivating period but you are not able to take advantage to that motivation, as a result your efforts and performance are not improving the way they should.
Don’t – Don’t forget that as a result work related situations may remain pressurizing, if there are disagreements then you will have to try and resolve them from your side, any type of communication will have to be very positive in this regard.

Meena – Despite your positive efforts you are not able to get the best advantage of this period, therefore there are hindrances and obstacles which are continuing to bother you at the same time.
Day special – Largely this is a situation which shows that you are true and honest towards others, but still that is not enough because there are forces which are not giving you adequate help or support, you have to therefore accept certain obstacles as a reality and with that move on in life.

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