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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunday 9 October 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – While your earnings may be good but you have matching expenses also, to that extent the gains of your inflows are not being achieved fully.
Week special – There are also financial pressures and responsibilities, if you have any money to be repaid then this is the period to do so.

Vrishabh – Work related situation is becoming pressurizing because you are thinking of changes all the times, as such there are obstacles in the smooth flow of your work which is not looking as good.
Do – Your expenses are generally wasteful although you may try to justify that they are essential outflows, that is the reason that this period requires lot of care.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your knowledge and abilities can actually work wonders for you, they can improve your image and help you to achieve your goals, but you will have to become very mild from your side.

Mithun – Rewards from work are adequate and your partners are being supportive, that is the goodness with which this overall pattern is placed.
Week special – Even on matters connected with home and family your advantage is shown, so much so that you are able to draw a lot of happiness as a result of these forces.

Karka – Luck is helping you and favoring you in many ways, so much so that even if there is need you can borrow funds to fulfill your requirements at this stage.
Do – But psychologically this period is weak as you are thinking of so many diverse things at the same time, that is where some peace and patience is needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this period can give you the opportunities for focused involvement and hard work, and your abilities can shine as a result of these forces, but one thing which is lacking is your own ability to showcase your performance which must be done.

Simha – There are many obstacles which are continuing for you in many ways, there is this factor of instability also which shows lots of ups and downs in dealing with others.
Week special – While you speak to others you will have to be careful, your good intensions may also be misunderstood because you may become too overpowering to impose your views on others.

Kanya – Relationships will have to be nurtured because there are weaknesses in that, especially in personal life you will have to be careful that there is no deterioration.
Do – Minor differences of opinion are there because of your own making, and especially if it has any linkages to monetary issues then you have to be careful.
Don’t – Don’t be too egoistic from your side, that can spoil your goodness and lead to unnecessary differences of opinion, don’t let that happen.

Tula – You have the ability to perform and to help others as a result of these forces, but in the process you are also getting into some pressures and that is not making you happy in your work situation.
Week special – You have tremendous self confidence but you are not able to use that fully at this stage, as a result your relationships with others is suffering and a rift is getting created, don’t let that happen.

Vrishchik – For reasons connected with your money as well as some love relationship there can be pressures which you may face, the best thing to do is to stay connected with your loved ones and your family.
Do – Your loved ones may be away from you and that can cause pressures on your mind, but you still have to avoid any kind of differences which you are creating in your mind in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall sense of peace, happiness, and harmony can be achieved, for that you have to condition your mind in a positive manner as that is essential.

Dhanu – Personal life issues are very well placed and you are happy with the circumstances, love and warmth from your loved ones is abundantly available.
Week special – This period is making you very positive in your thoughts, your practical approach will help you to achieve a lot and will bring you that happiness which you deserve.

Makar – Change of place or change of circumstances may be on your mind, but unstable thoughts are not helping you in any manner and you are not able to take your decisions also.
Do – Financial angle is generally stable and happy, and as a result there are forces which are helping you in a very lucky manner to take your career forward.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your abilities are shining and your performance will improve, but you must have trust in yourself which is very essential.

Kumbh – Financial prosperity is generally indicated and it is a favorable situation to be in, but routine kind of issues can actually keep on bothering you.
Week special – Even in personal life situations there are many pressures which you may have to face, they may be hidden issues which keep on surfacing and that gives you problems again and again.

Meena – Rewards from work are adequate and you are generally motivated towards that, but there is a situation of being directionless at this stage which is not looking as good.
Do – Your efforts must remain pointed and must not become wasteful, there is some amount of intrigue on account of which someone may try to project you in bad light.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore these factors, these are the forces and of pressures and problems which you will have to face as a reality.

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