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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday 21 October 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Three are issues in personal life which need to be handled very carefully, otherwise there can be pressures or conflicts in the offing.
Day special – The reasons for these pressures and problems are create by you yourself, you may not be as honest towards toward others which is not right.
Vrish – You are trying to do more than what is required, but somehow the rewards are not as great and that is the deficiency which you carry.
Do – In relationships and as well as in efforts there may be problems, and that is why you are getting into these differences of opinion all the time.
Don’t – Don’t be egoistic or don’t be too rigid in your thoughts, if you maintain that mildness and humility you will be benefitted.
Mithun – You are very keen to take care of others, financially as well as otherwise this is a good thought which you carry.
Day special – If you have any thoughts for investment on your mind then this can be a favorable period, and for that reason you may have to depend on your savings and not so much on your loans.
Karka - Your self confidence is high and is motivating you to work towards your goals, this is therefore a motivating period in many ways which will help you to addresses your personal life issues from your side.
Do – There are still deficiencies in work place which need to be addressed, and that can be done by understanding the problems and then working towards those issues.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let this period slip out of your hand, take advantage of the goodness which these forces provide.
Simha – You are being too impulsive and that is negatively impacting your financial position and savings, on one hand your outflows may be uncontrolled and on the other hand you are putting these pressures in your thoughts and in your decision making.
Day special – Largely this is a period which requires careful financial planning, for that reason taking of loans will have to be done very carefully.
Kanya – Overall pattern of prosperity is indicated for you in a big way, you will get financial inflows and also you will be able to improve your savings.
Do – This is also a period which shows mixed influences in relationships, you will have to be careful from your side to communicate effectively and to show that care towards others.
Don’t – Don’t still let any problem come in your financial delays, there are many such forces which are threatening that stability and you will have to avoid putting your money into any kind of risk.
Tula – In your own firmness you may be keen to risk the stability of your work, and as a result you may get into wastages or losses also side by side.
Day special – You have to understand that money may be needed to argument your work situation further, and that will have to be arranged with care, it may not come easily and those pressures may be there.
Vrishchik - Luck may be supporting you adequately and to that extent your efforts will also provide the rewards of financial prosperity.
Do – Still there is need for you to understand that gains will have to be protected, any big outflows will have to be protected from your side as you can not take that chance.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that luck is favoring you and you can do anything, from your side you will have to use that care and restraint which is definitely needed.
Dhanu – Psychological pressures may continue to be there but still your overall pattern of thinking is becoming more practical, and that is important because this is the need of the hour.
Day special – You have to remain at peace and take care of your loved ones, that is very essential because that is how you are going to address the issues at this moment.
Makar – People around you are supportive and caring, but you are still not happy with your personal life issues in many ways.
Do – In home and family you will have to try and look at the goodness which is there, your expectations may be higher but you have to accept the reality also side by side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall pattern of auspiciousness is with you, you may not be happy with your financial inflows but still there are patterns which are supportive.
Kumbh – Health issues are there which needs care, you can not be careless in any manner because that may lead to more of problems.
Day special – One big need is that you have to become very practical in your approach, your rigidness is going to cause you more of problems and that is where the real issue lies.
Meena – You are very keen to take some love relationship forward and you are making effort towards that, but there are factors of disagreements in personal life and in home and family which may not let that happen.
Do – You may communicate but that may not help really, even luck may not support you adequately in this pattern, therefore your expectations may not be met.
Don’t – Don’t therefore push for any idea which do not work out, wait for the opportune moment and only then take these thoughts forward.

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