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Friday, October 7, 2011

Saturday 8 October 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be dissatisfied about money and that is why you are getting into differences and conflicts also, but these are largely thoughts made up in the mind and not as real.
Do – Still there is need for you to be mild so that you do not increase your own problems, as such you are not taking care of others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you can depend on people around you who may be helpful to you, and for that reason many of these issues can be resolved.

Vrishabh – If you are trying to depend on your partners or well-wishers then their help may not be as adequate, and that is the reason for your thoughts becoming uneasy.
Day special – Largely this is a situation where your own abilities can help you to overcome those factors, your dependence should therefore be on your abilities and not on the help of others which is quite unnecessary.

Mithun – Health related issues need care and for that you have to discuss your matters with others, that can be another reason for you to plan your finances at this stage.
Do – There are responsibilities towards your own people which you have to fulfill, and for that reason personal life circumstances can be stable and vibrant from your side.
Don’t – Don’t borrow money at this stage as it may not help you, that money may get even wasted and may not give you any real advantage.

Karka – Relationships are very weak and you may not get any direction in that, that is why you are psychologically stressed and dissatisfied also.
Day special – Adverse situations must also motivate a person, and your motivation is high because you are able to communicate and resolve your issues very well.

Simha – Personal life issues are such that you are getting worried and stressed, you are also thinking about your own loved ones who may be away from you and that is a valid thought.
Do – In whatever thoughts you carry your discussions you must keep very peaceful, that is very essential because that will portray your goodness in the process.
Don’t – Don’t get frustrated or show your anger in any manner, don’t therefore forget to connect with others wholeheartedly as that is essential.

Kanya – This period is reducing your efforts and involvement because of your own psychological make up, you have to therefore understand that these very weaknesses will have to be removed if you wish to succeed.
Day special – There are inherent factors of pressures in relationships which you are carrying, but you are creating those pressures in your mind and that is why the circumstances are not as favorable, you will have to therefore condition your mind in a more optimistic manner.

Tula – You are not happy with your savings and the fact that you have many responsibilities to fulfill, that is another reason that you are not able to carry your relationships forward in a meaningful manner.
Do – In the process you are becoming a bit stiff also and creating distance from others, that is where some peace and moderation is definitely needed.
Don’t – Don’t forget that if there are factors of stress and dissatisfactions then there has to be a bigger meaning behind it, it means that god is not willing that you should move on that path.

Vrishchik – This period makes you stressed and dissatisfied with your own people in home and family, but that is where some moderation of your own thinking may be actually required.
Day special – Gains are generally indicated and there is no problem on that, financial prosperity is something which is a blessing but you will have to hold on to that from your side.

Dhanu – Stress is building up in your mind and you are thinking of many factors simultaneously, but carefulness on day-to-day basis is needed more than anything else to resolve those thoughts which you carry.
Do – Very practical and pointed approach is needed to handle your situation, constant involvement and effort is needed in whatever you are trying to do as that will become helpful in due course.
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry these apprehensions which are not as valid, these are in the form of anxiety or negativity which you are carrying on your mind.

Makar – You may not be happy with your financial position and that is complicating your situation further, as a result you are trying to convey your thoughts very forcefully which may make others uncomfortable.
Day special – Work related situation is improving and that is a blessing, largely luck is also supporting you and there is no problem on that, but your impulsiveness in terms of wastages will have to be controlled.

Kumbh – You may not be happy with your professional situation as that can lead to distress on your mind, and as a result you may even make mistakes.
Do – Avoid making those mistakes from your side even if they seem to be routine matters, lot of careful planning is needed on day-to-day basis.
Don’t – Don’t also increase your commitments or your wastages, that is another factor which requires care because your work related responsibilities are also increasing.

Meena – You may be depending on luck and increasing your loses in the process, the need is to understand the circumstances and people around you which is very important.
Day special – Condition your mind to an extent that you are not wasteful in your thoughts, and that is only possible if you stay peaceful and plan with that pragmatism which is very essential.

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