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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wednesday 19 October 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to work hard, you are also coming out of confusions and dissatisfactions which you have been carrying.
Day special – If there are thoughts of travels or changes on your mind then you have to take firm decisions, you cannot change your decision repeatedly as that is not going to serve any purpose.

Vrishabh – Financial position is such that you have to repay your liabilities, for that reason there can be financial pressures on you also which will have to be planned effectively.
Do – There can be pressures and obstacles connected with what you wish to do, for that reason your performance may not also be as strong as you would like it to be.
Don’t – Don’t let your problem get complicated in what you speak, otherwise it may lead to unnecessary differences which will be difficult to solve.

Mithun – Relationships are strong on your mind and you want to take some love relationship forward, for that reason you are trying your best in many ways.
Day special – In whatever way you communicate it may lead to pressures and problems, and that is the reason that you are not as happy, but rewards from your work are adequate and that is a stable situation.

Karka – Home and family is important to you and you are doing your best to do a lot for others, you even want to change your place for that very reason.
Do – Any change of place or change of circumstances must be done carefully, you will have to consider all aspects connected with that.
Don’t – Don’t create any differences in your mind as it may impact your work situation negatively, that is where some carefulness is needed.

Simha – Financial position is generally stable and you are trying to get motivation out of that, you are also thinking of various options simultaneously.
Day special – Relationships are heavy on your mind and there are unstable thoughts connected with that, there can be obstacles which lead to this instability which you may have to face.

Kanya – Rewards from work are adequate and may even increase your savings, for that reason the overall pattern is supportive at least on the financial front.
Do – In personal life there are too many ups and downs and even factors of distress, that is where some carefulness is needed.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that you may not be happy with your friends at this moment, your expectations may not be met and therefore it is advisable to have a very practical viewpoint.

Tula – Work is generally favoring you and giving you a lot of self confidence, that is going to help you to meet your needs and requirements.
Day special – Still there are problems in various ways which you may have to face, differences of opinion may be there and also heavy outflows may be there, change of place will have to be considered very carefully.

Vrishchik – Routine type of upsets and pressures may continue to bother you, that is why work related situation is becoming rather weak.
Do – Psychologically this period may stress you as the circumstances are not as great, and that is the reason that whatever you may speak may be even misunderstood.
Don’t – Don’t as a result let your own abilities fall in any manner, you will have to maintain that goodness from your side so that there is no real problem.

Dhanu – Your partners or well-wishers are supportive towards you and you will be happy with that, also this is a situation which makes you very pointed to take care of your loved ones.
Day special – But with all this goodness also you are stressed psychologically because of various factors of uneasiness on your mind, you will have to therefore keep peace and patience from your side.

Makar – Generally your work situation is stable and you are happy with that, but there are issues of disagreements which are continuing to bother you and that is something which has to be handled.
Do – Luck is supporting you in many ways, and that is the goodness which you carry, you must maintain that.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the opportunities which are coming up for changes in your life, that may include the possibilities of travel, the change of place, or change of circumstances.

Kumbh – Relationships are important to you and you are happy that luck is favoring you in that, and that is why you are able to do a lot for others.
Day special – Financial angle may have ups and downs in it but it is helping you in many ways, but there is one area where there is a deficiency and that is your own effort and involvement which is getting reduced, you must get motivation to accomplish more at this stage and to keep your hard work intact.

Meena – Routine type of issues in personal life can actually bother you, that is why you may not be happy with your personal life situation at this stage.
Do – There is need for you to speak to others and communicate with others, that can help you to resolve these issues.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own loved ones may not be happy with your love relationship at this stage, that is why whatever you speak may also have deficiencies in that.

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