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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monday 10 October 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your impulsiveness to take big decision is showing, but there is instability of your thoughts because you are not able to keep firm views.
Do – Despite these forces there is an overall protection which you carry, on account of that your mistakes may also be covered and you may not actually loose in the process.
Don’t – Don’t still look for any major changes or change of place, it may not give you the kind of stability or fulfillment of your expectations.
Vrish – Wasteful period as you are not able to plan effectively and take care properly, and that is the reason that there may be many obstacles which you may have to face.
Day special – This is also a period where in your efforts may not be as pointed as you expect, you will have to therefore take extra care and precautions in the process.
Mithun – Generally gainful period without any real issues, the only factor which requires care is that there should be greater peace on your mind to give you stable inflows.
Do – Your responsibilities are very high and your savings are not adequate, that is why you may feel financial pressure as a result.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your partners or well wishers can be supportive towards you and helpful, that will be the saving situation at this stage which much be remembered.
Karka – Favorable lies in the fact that luck is supporting you and guiding you, and despite differences of opinion you are able to take your life forward the way it should be.
Day special – While personal life happiness is intact there is need for improvement in your over all sense of involvement, for that reason your work situation must be improved from your side.
Simha – There may be some issues and hidden obstacles which you may have to face, even in relationships this insatiability can be there which can cause drift.
Do – Psychologically also these factors are problematic and not making you happy, these are the overall forces on account of which you are placed.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that any kind of communication will help you at this stage, your efforts can be very pointed and sharp and that can bring you out of these problems.
Kanya – Despite your intensions to help others and support others you are not getting that happiness in return, as a result there are forces of disagreement shaping up which is a unstable situation.
Day special – Financial angle is a mixed factor which you will have to understand, gradually and with passage of time your savings may grow, but you are still required to take care of your financial planning from your side.
Tula – Pressures and problems in personal life are evident for which you are not able to take precautions, and that is the reason that weaknesses are creeping up in your work situation as well.
Do – Even in your studies or efforts to gain knowledge there are deficiencies, you have some kind of false self confidence which is not helping you at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let these complicated circumstances create problems for you, handle one thing at a time with peace and with determination, and you can do it.
Vrishchik – Relationships are not as strong and may even lead to disagreements, for that reason your knowledge and skills is also not helping you adequately at this stage.
Day special – Luck is generally supportive in many ways although there are deficiencies from your side, therefore you will have to find out those deficiencies and try to remove them from your side.
Dhanu – Overall sense of peace and harmony in personal life is evident, there may be minor issues here and there but largely God is kind top you to give you that goodness which you desire and desire.
Do – This is also a period of happiness in your attempt with others to involve with others and help others, and these are the reasons on account of which you will have to be thankful to God.
Don’t – Don’t still be careless from your side, even on factors connected with care for your loved ones you will have to be extra cautious.
Makar – Your involvement in personal life can bring about some improvement, what is more important is making an effort and looking at the rewards.
Day special – You may have to constantly make efforts to make your personal life happy and vibrant, that will indirectly favor you in your work place also and bring about that improvement which is even otherwise shaping up.
Kumbh – Your efforts to communicate with others will help you to resolve those issues, if you show your goodness and honesty in what you speak you will be actually benefitted.
Do – Psychologically this period may make you stressed, that can lead to differences of opinion unnecessarily, that needs protection.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the reasons of disagreements are created by you yourself, that is why people who are important must be kept happy and there views must be given importance.
Meena – This period is making you supportive and philanthropic towards others, but there can be problems also in the offing.
Day special – In whatever you speak may not be understood properly, especially in matters connected with emotional relationships this can be a difficult period.

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