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Monday, October 10, 2011

Tuesday 11 October 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – In matters connected with your plans you have faced lot of instability in the recent past, now all that is getting improved and you are able to forcefully look forward.
Day special – Still the present period is not supportive for any big decision because there can be pressures and problems, you still have to wait for a while and then the circumstances will improve.

Vrishabh – While your knowledge and skills are improving you must take your education forward, even in your work situation you will be able to perform much better.
Do – In relationships there can be differences of opinion which will have to be avoided, that is happening because you are being too firm in your views.
Don’t – Don’t be wasteful in any manner because this period is not helping you at all, for that reason there can be many obstacles if you take any risks.

Mithun – Gains from work are indicated and you are able to take care of your loved ones also, hence there is a favorable balance which you are able to create in your personal or professional life.
Day special – There is still need for you to be careful in what you speak, especially on discussions connected with financial matters you cannot show any kind of selfish thoughts.

Karka – This period is actually motivating you because luck is favoring you, as a result you are able to perform very well and improve your hard work in the process.
Do – While luck may be favoring you in your work but there are lot many deficiencies which you will have to remove, and for that reason this period is helping you to actually work hard from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related situation can have inherent factors of stress or differences of opinion, that is where you will have to be careful from your side.

Simha – This is a situation where you may risk your money and waste your money, arranging funds may not be so much of a problem but its proper utilization is where you have to be careful.
Day special – Psychologically also this period is depressing you on the thoughts connected with wastages or loses, and that is why you have to take very careful decisions, even in relationships there are ups and downs which have to be avoided.

Kanya – This is a weak period in many ways because your plans may not be fulfilled, there can be weaknesses, obstacles and deficiencies at every step which you will have to understand.
Do – There is a bigger factor of discussing your matters and taking guidance in the process, but you will have to be very peaceful in whatever you convey to others in any kind of discussion.
Don’t – Don’t forget that people on whom you are trying to base your trust or get the help may not come forward to give that help, that is why your dissatisfactions can continue to be there. Don’t also forget that your own people may not be as supportive as you may think, that is where the problem lies.

Tula – This is a wasteful period in which your efforts may also go against you, so much so that your positive intentions or thoughts may also be misunderstood.
Day special – Any kind of change of place or change of circumstances may not be as supportive, not only misunderstandings will appear but loses will also appear and you have to be careful.

Vrishchik – Your efforts are generally supportive and work related advantage is with you, but emotional angle of relationships is weak and that is where you have to be careful.
Do – There are unstable thoughts on your mind which make you uneasy and dissatisfied, on account of that also your carefulness is all the more needed.
Don’t – Don’t be wasteful in your financial management, even those routine types of factors of finances will have to be considered very carefully.

Dhanu – Your overall sense of efforts and involvement is generally supportive, luck is also favoring you in many ways and overall peace and harmony is available to you.
Day special – Care for your loved ones is important, in home, family, and with your dependants you will show that care abundantly.

Makar – Mixed period in many ways but it is more towards the advantages which you will able to get, for that reason luck is playing its positive role for you in helping you at every step.
Do – Professional career can improve as a result of your efforts and hard work, but you will still have to be careful as to what people around you think about you and that includes your boss as well.
Don’t – Don’t still risk your money in a manner that you are just depending on luck, that is where something may go wrong and you will be stuck.

Kumbh – Matters connected with finances need very careful handling, especially wherever loss indications are there that can become a reality and may put into difficulty.
Day special – While money may motivate you, you will still have to be careful in any kind of communication, because that is where you may go wrong and those very factors may be used against you.

Meena – You may be trying to help others but it is a situation which is putting you into difficulties and loss, I also feel that this period requires care because it can lead to differences and conflicts.
Do – In discussions as far as relationships are concerned you will have to be careful, even on matters where your performance is the point of concern your own deficiencies will be highlighted, care is needed on all these factor.
Don’t – Don’t therefore post or project as to what you can do, you have to actually do all that to prove your good intensions.

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