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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thursday 6 October 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your determination towards work is showing although you are creating more of enemies around you, that is where you have to use your knowledge in such a manner that you also listen to others.
Do – In the process you carry some doubts for others which is the negativity which you carry, that is why despite your good intensions you are not able to get the full advantage.
Don’t – Don’t let any routine matter also convert into bigger problem, that is where your carefulness is needed.

Vrishabh – You have the ability and your performance is also good, but at the same time you are depending so much on luck and on others that this kind of thinking is not right.
Day special – Your extreme forcefulness of your thoughts and actions is also creating problems in your life, they can be routine matters but they are still causing discomfort to others.

Mithun – On one hand your savings may not be as great and on the other hand you are risking that which is not right, you have to therefore protect your funds adequately.
Do – You must show some goodness in whatever you speak to others, that will help you to overcome the pressures and problems which are getting created in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that everything may seem stable and in home and family, but still there are issues which need to be handled from your side with peace, for that you have to discuss your matters also very peacefully.

Karka – The more you connect with others it will be advantageous, also this is a situation where your positive communication with others will help in many ways.
Day special – Overall the pattern can lead to happiness for you, these are the forces which are getting built in a positive manner, still lot more needs to be done in your work in the process.

Simha – There can be indirect pressures connected with your personal life which are getting reflected at the moment, and as a result you may be getting away from your own people which is causing psychological distress.
Do – So much so that financial angle needs to be handled carefully, wastages will have to be avoided even though financial position may seem to be strong and stable.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in whatever you speak you will have to show a lot of restraint, especially if there is provocation you may get into unnecessary anger, don’t let that happen.

Kanya – Some emotional involvement is becoming strong on your mind and that is giving you lot of self confidence, but there are linkages to show that personal life issues get complicated as a result of this development.
Day special – This is also a pattern which shows where pressures and problems may arise in the form of obstacles in an unexpected manner, you will have to therefore try and take your own people along in this journey which is very important.

Tula – Home is where your heart is, but still there are circumstances which may take you away on account of fulfillment of your responsibilities.
Do – Work related situation also needs as much involvement as your personal life needs, that is why a proper and careful balance is needed at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t become too forceful or rigid from your side, try to understand the circumstances as to why they are emerging to give you this kind of influence.

Vrishchik – This is a period which may indirectly help you and motivate you immensely, that is why you may walk that extra mile towards the accomplishment of your professional fulfillment.
Day special – Financial angle is beautifully placed and there is nothing to worry, but savings are under tremendous pressure because your outflows cannot be controlled at this stage.

Dhanu – This is a period which may require the need to fulfill your responsibilities, even if there is need to arrange funds for your work that will have to be done.
Do – While financial position may seem stable you still have to protect your savings in many ways, and also you will have to remove those unnecessary dissatisfactions which you carry on your mind as there is no scope for that.
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the care of your loved ones, that is very essential at this stage.

Makar – Your well being is ensured because people around you will come forward to help you and support you, also there are forces to show and suggest that your work related situation may improve.
Day special – Some emotional involvement at your workplace can become stronger, and these are the overall lucky forces which are helping you in many ways at this stage.

Kumbh – Your impulsiveness is shown which may create problems and upsets, carefulness is therefore needed at every step otherwise something or other may even pressurize you.
Do – Matters connected with your efforts as well as your work are not up to the mark, that is why many problems are indicated which need to be handled carefully.
Don’t – Don’t let your wastages over power you and cause routine type of problems also for you, so much so that the wastages will have to be curtailed as that will eventually provide the stability which you require in your life.

Meena – Financial angle is generally well placed although your needs and responsibilities will take away a big portion of that, but still the circumstances are supportive towards you and nothing is actually wrong.
Day special – As far as your studies are concerned you cannot depend on luck at this stage, you will have to therefore address your situation in such a manner that you must take that positive guidance from others and your elders to help you overcome your problems.

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