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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monday 3rd March 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to help others but not taking adequate care about your own interests, that is why you may be showing some carelessness in whatever you are doing.
Do – Your decisions are unstable and likely to be changed, and that is where you have to think very rationally as to what you are doing.
Don’t – Don’t get away from your loved ones in any manner, don’t create distance with others as that may increase your psychological pressures.

Vrishabh – Money may come but financial problems may still increase, because conflicts as well as losses are likely to persist.
Do – Your efforts and your hard work can still safeguard your situation, because if money continues to flow then many problems connected with money may still be resolved.
Don’t – Don’t create conflicts with your supporters and well-wishers, as the day progresses that problem is likely to increase.

Mithun – You may be optimistic to resolve the problems in relationships, but you will realize that problems are not easy and you may not succeed fully.
Do – Work related involvement should be your priority as other areas can still wait, that is why you may have to invest money in your work to improve it further.
Don’t – Don’t think that performance in your work will be achieved automatically, there are deficiencies in your skills and in your involvement which must actually be corrected.

Karka – Problems in personal life are likely to persist, despite your positive efforts you may not be able to resolve those issues completely.
Do – You may be blaming your luck for the situations which are arising, but the problem is that you are depending too much on luck and not making adequate efforts from your side.
Don’t – Don’t therefore take any decisions connected with relationships unless you are yourself convinced, changing your viewpoint at a later stage may put you into greater difficulty.

Simha – You may be stressed as your differences are likely to increase, your dissatisfactions therefore may remain aggravated especially in your personal life.
Do – Sudden gains may be possible but sudden losses are also likely to happen, hence protecting your financial position is going to be a bigger challenge.
Don’t – Don’t take any impulsive step as that is not going to help, you will have to therefore plan very carefully and take every step pragmatically.

Kanya – Money may come from many sources but the source of funds may remain questionable, you must not therefore do anything which is not legally or politically correct.
Do – Your partners may be helping you and supporting you in many ways, that is the positive angle with which your work related involvement may remain strong.
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect any gains unless you have actually worked towards that, gain of easy money coming in without your efforts may not be the right thing to do.

Tula – Your success may be achieved but your stress continues to bother you, that is why the happiness which you want is not as much there.
Do – You may be making positive efforts but professional circumstances may remain stressful, that is why it is essential to understand the reasons behind it.
Don’t – Don’t try to take any big decision today and reverse it tomorrow, because the circumstances show your confusions which are continuing.

Vrishchik – Travel or changes may be there but may remain stressful for you, that is why safeguarding your situation at this stage is more important.
Do – If you start looking at some love relationship all over again then you are inviting problems connected with it, hence you may have to stay away from any such situation.
Don’t – Don’t be aggressive to take any big step or big decision, because there are associated problems connected with it which may not be as easy to resolve.

Dhanu – Rewards from your efforts will be achieved but may come in bits and pieces, but the happiness which you may get from your efforts may be enormous.
Do – Talk to others and take the guidance, that will help you to take the right steps at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t increase your wastages just because financial position is becoming favorable, therefore a lot of careful planning is needed at every step.

Makar – Favorableness in work situation can be achieved with your involvement, and you have the ability which can actually help you.
Do – Try to improve your involvement and regularity the way it is needed, because small and minor issues will have to be controlled so that they do not become problematic.
Don’t – Don’t doubt the intensions of your own loved ones in the process, they are trying to be supportive towards you which can be a big advantage for you.

Kumbh – Your confidence may be high but your achievements may not be as great, that is why some amount of wastefulness is also reflected side by side.
Do – You have honest intensions and there is no problem on that, but expecting too much from others at this stage may not be helpful.
Don’t – Don’t let your stress increase as it can impact your performance, conveying your thoughts peacefully is the bigger requirement of this period.

Meena – Putting your stability into any kind of risk may not be right, you will have to therefore understand your own strength and weaknesses at the same time.
Do – Personal life issues are generally stable and that should be your priority, gains from home and property may be achieved in the process.
Don’t – Don’t let anyone take undue advantage of you or your savings, some amount of carefulness on that front is definitely needed.

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