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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wednesday 12th March 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are becoming very unstable in your thoughts with regard to your career, that is why in trying to understand others there are many problems.
Do – Your self confidence may be high, but it should be used in a manner which is advantageous to you, for that reason you can benefit from your improved performance as well.
Don’t – Don’t think of alternatives connected with your work at the moment, don’t also put your money into your business for a while, wait for the better times to come.

Vrishabh – Your efforts may be positive but you are not able to get as much advantage out of it, that is the reason that there are several problems which you are facing side by side.
Do – Take the help of your loved ones as much as possible, take advantage of the fact that you have ability and you can benefit a lot.
Don’t – Don’t let any kind of disagreements arise with your partners or well-wishers, the need of the hour is to safeguard your situation at any cost.

Mithun – You are not able to perform as effectively as it is desired, that is why whatever efforts you are making are also not giving you the kind of rewards which you expect.
Do – Financial position may still be stable, but yet your efforts must improve further to give you bigger gains, that is important.
Don’t – Don’t therefore unnecessarily plan for any big changes at the moment, stay committed to what you are doing and you will find that advantage in the process.

Karka – Personal life issues are such that you have to take a lot of care, you have to try and understand others in the process even if there are problems in that.
Do – People are not happy with you, you may also be saying something which is not proper and which may lead to further problems.
Don’t – Don’t have any false self confidence on your mind as that is not going to help, you must therefore connect with others and resolve your problems side by side.

Simha – You may be very inclined to think of alternatives or changes, but that is precisely where your problems lie because you are not able to decide for yourself.
Do – Help others in such a manner that you do not cause upsets for yourself, that is very essential because that is where the problem of this period actually lies.
Don’t – Don’t increase your wastages in any manner, even in a bid to support others or help others you should not create problems for yourself in any manner.

Kanya – Your financial position is stable and that is a blessing, but there are many pressures and problems which you may have to face for which you have to remain careful also.
Do – Money may come but proper utilization is very important, there are too many ups and downs of your own thinking which may create upsets in your life.
Don’t – Don’t get into conflicts with others if you are not happy, you will have to therefore understand that life has a bigger purpose for which you have to remain involved, work situation therefore requires support from others which you must get.

Tula – Work related situation will increase your confidence and you will be happy, but you have so many diverse thoughts on your mind that you are complicating your situation unnecessarily.
Do – Change of place may be very heavy on your mind, you want to come close to your loved ones and there are hindrances in the process which you may have to face.
Don’t – Don’t try to convert some friendship into a love relationship, because you may not be stable in your thoughts and you may have to change your decisions at a later stage.

Vrishchik – Luck may favor you but it may also cause losses for you at the same time, this is because you are not able to safeguard your situation from your side.
Do – Routine issues of day-to-day nature must not aggravate, changes or alternatives also must not create problems in your life unnecessarily, that is how you have to safeguard yourself.
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the needs of your loved ones at the moment, even if you have problems to face you must try and understand the needs of others.

Dhanu – Your positive efforts will definitely give you the rewards which you expect, but you will have to become very mild in your thought process as that is very essential.
Do – Disagreements in home and family will have to be avoided, that is where the problem of this period lies, as you are not able to resolve those issues from your side.
Don’t – Don’t expect that luck can favor you always, it’s a different aspect that for the present situation circumstances are helping you and guiding you in the right direction.

Makar – Work related situation is showing your involvement and your pressures, money may be needed and for that you have to seek the help of others.
Do – Some love relationship requires to be maintained at a comfortable level, minor issues and disagreements with others should not spoil the relationship unnecessarily.
Don’t – Don’t expect that unexpected gains can solve all your problems, because the fact is that your expenses may also remain high and you will have to meet those responsibilities as well.

Kumbh – You are able to involve well in your work and that is a blessing, but a lot of regularity is needed for which you have to understand that fact.
Do – Try to remove the uneasiness which you are carrying on your mind, also try to understand that people are supporting you from their side in a very big way.
Don’t – Don’t create any instability in your personal life on account of your rigid thinking, you will have to therefore try and understand that humility has its own virtues.

Meena – Relationships may be strong on your mind but there are many hidden problems which you are not able to understand, that is why wastages are continuing and that is not good.
Do – What is needed at the moment is that you must involve from your side in a very pointed manner, and that ability is very much there for you to take advantage.
Don’t – Don’t annoy anyone with what you speak, because if people are unhappy with you then they may not be inclined to support you from their side.

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