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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sunday 30th March 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are not getting along with others and that is causing lot of unrest on your mind, you have to therefore understand these pressures and problems.
Do – Have trust in others and speak to others, that can help you to resolve your issues and overcome your problems.
Don’t – Don’t try to undertake any change aggressively, understand every aspect involved in it and only then take the next step.

Vrishabh – Financial aspect may be stable but has its own share of problems, that is why getting gains only is not enough.
Do – Try to understand the problems associated with this period, there are obstacles and there are upsets which will have to be resolved very carefully.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the opportunities which bring you close to your loved ones, because your happiness lies in creating those linkages with your loved ones.

Mithun – You will have to improve your efforts as that can give you bigger rewards, as such your involvement is there as you are thinking positively to do better in life.
Do – Your partners and associates can be supportive towards you and that can be a blessing, but you will have to devote some time towards your loved ones also and understand their needs.
Don’t – Not only money is needed to take your work forward but lot of effort is also needed, that is why don’t ignore this aspect from your side as this can lead to bigger success.

Karka – Pressures and problems in personal life are evident, but it is quite possible to resolve those issues by discussing your matters.
Do – Luck may not favor you as much as your own communication can help you, that is why this period can be taken advantage of very well.
Don’t – Don’t let some love relationship get spoil on account of ups and downs of your own thinking, as such your involvement towards relationships is not as pointed.

Simha – Disagreements are there because you have created those disagreements in your mind, that is why you are not able to please others from your side.
Do – Certain gains are possible and that can be a blessing, but somehow your wastages are such that even those gains are becoming quite irrelevant.
Don’t – Don’t carry a negative mindset as that is not going to help, in the process you will annoy others and create further upsets for yourself, don’t let that happen.

Kanya – Financial aspect is well indicated and relationships are on your mind, but becoming wasteful in the process is not going to help.
Do – You may be trying to make your efforts but your focus is not as pointed, that is why you are depending on others to solve your problems.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need for proper and careful financial planning, and for that reason don’t depend on loans or borrowing in any manner.

Tula – Overall pattern of goodness is intact, even gains from work are there which will make you happy.
Do – The problem of this period is that you are not able to please your elders or seniors, that is why those gains will also become irrelevant in my view.
Don’t – Don’t create wastages just because you are thinking a bit aggressively, even on matters connected with relationships that kind of aggression is not desired.

Vrishchik – Any travel, change of place or change of circumstances can be wasteful, that is why you have to plan more pointedly from your side.
Do – You may be trying to please others in relationships, but your seniors or elders may not be as supportive towards you.
Don’t – Don’t think that you can solve all problems of life, do your duty and leave the rest to god as there will be problems which may not be easy to resolve.

Dhanu – Financial gains are possible and yet you may be worried, but that is the bigger aspect of life which requires lot of acceptance.
Do – Peace in home and family can be ensured, for that you need to condition your mind in a more positive manner from your side.
Don’t – Don’t blame your luck for anything which is not achievable, in fact luck is adequately supporting you and helping you and there is no problem.

Makar – Your involvement in work can be very strong and pointed, but somehow you are not able to make others happy in the process.
Do – You may be doing good from your side but not able to portray that goodness towards others, that is why people are not able to appreciate your viewpoint as much as it is desired.
Don’t – Don’t for these reasons try to undertake any change at the moment, concentrate on whatever you are doing and try to do well from your side.

Kumbh – Circumstances are such that lot of peace and stability is needed, anything which can go wrong can actually go wrong and hence you have to understand that.
Do – Relationships are strong and stable on your mind and that is a blessing, as a result you have to try and show your goodness towards others to get that happiness which is achievable.
Don’t – Don’t let any disagreements arise in home and family, that is an area of stress where you have to try and convey your thoughts very peacefully.

Meena – This is a period of problems and upsets and you have to understand that, even on the financial front you have to take your decisions rather carefully.
Do – Money may come and that is not so much of a problem, but avoiding disagreements is going to be tough and that is where your involvement must lie.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think negatively about some love relationship, even if there are disagreements don’t complicate that situation further from your side.

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