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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunday 23rd March 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are able to do a lot from your side and yet you are not fully satisfied, that is why you are under tremendous pressure at the moment.
Do – Maintain your optimism and your goodness, but at the same time avoid getting into any kind of conflicts which you are making in your mind.
Don’t – Don’t create any upsets in personal life relationships, in home and family you have to try and understand others, with your partners also stability in relationship needs to be maintained.

Vrishabh – Work is important and you have to involve in that fully and wholeheartedly, your knowledge and your performance will definitely help you to get bigger rewards.
Do – Avoid unnecessary differences with others at your workplace, especially if you are having doubts about the intensions of others then this can be a bigger negativity.
Don’t – Don’t carry dissatisfactions for people around you, you may not be happy with others but still you should not get into any kind of conflicts.

Mithun – You are depending on circumstances to help you and generally the auspiciousness is intact and helpful, with that goodness you can achieve a lot.
Do – Peace in home and family is intact and you will find happiness, for that reason you will be able to involve in your work very well.
Don’t – Don’t still let your performance get reduced, there can be various circumstances which are causing immense pressure on your ability to perform, that is where you have to stay focused from your side.

Karka – This is a stressful period where circumstances are not helping you enough, even small and irrelevant issues of day-to-day nature are becoming problematic.
Do – Work related circumstances are weak because you are not regular and stable in your thinking, you are getting worried and dissatisfied in everything which you are doing.
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for any changes at this moment, it would be better to continue to do what you are doing and also understand others in the process.

Simha – Financial aspect is stable and supportive, and yet your losses are bothering you immensely.
Do – This period indirectly shows that you should find a direction for yourself, circumstances are trying to teach you as to what you should do, for that you have to understand your own strengths in the process.
Don’t – Don’t create a situation for yourself in which people start opposing you, you have to therefore change your own pattern of thinking and make it more harmonious towards others.

Kanya – Work is important and you will have to stay ahead of others to succeed, for that reason you have to plan effectively and communicate carefully.
Do – Financial position may not be making you happy, and yet you have to understand that you are yourself creating upsets in your overall prosperity.
Don’t – Don’t say anything to others which increases misunderstandings, this is a period which requires lot of carefulness for which you have to maintain satisfaction on your mind.

Tula – You have the knowledge and yet you are worried for using that knowledge in some interview, your uneasiness can actually create upsets for you.
Do – Have a lot of confidence in you at this stage, especially on matters connected with your work that forcefulness will help.
Don’t – Don’t show unstable thoughts for yourself or for people around you, even if you are not able to trust others fully you still will have to maintain peace from your side.

Vrishchik – You have to do a lot for your loved ones and that is the requirement of this period, you need to therefore try and maintain good relations with everyone around you.
Do – Despite your dissatisfactions this period continues to show rewards from your work, but those gains are not being protected as much as it is desired.
Don’t – Don't take any hasty step with regard to your decisions which may increase your expenses, this is a period where lot of careful planning is needed on day-to-day basis.

Dhanu – Work related advantage can be achieved with clearly understanding your options, you may be stressed and yet you have a direction emerging for you which can be helpful.
Do – Any decision taken with pressures on your mind may not be right, you will have to therefore try and understand the advantage of getting help and guidance from others.
Don’t – Don't therefore doubt your own abilities in any manner, your extremes of thinking is making you very negative in the process, don’t let that happen.

Makar – Gains will come easily and from many sources, but your needs are such that you will have to use that financial advantage to fulfill those requirements.
Do – People may be trying to help you but with many conditions attached, you will have to therefore take a call whether you have to take that help or not.
Don’t – Don’t therefore be unstable in your thoughts because of these pressures which you are carrying on your mind, your involvement in your work should be total as that can prove to be advantageous.

Kumbh – You can benefit from some love relationship which is strong on your mind, but in the process you may be neglecting your work which is getting more and more unstable.
Do – Psychological pressures are also there which are disturbing your work situation, you need to therefore remain involved by trusting your own abilities.
Don’t – Don’t let routine type of day-to-day problems impact you negatively, that is the bigger reality with which this period is placed and you have to accept that gracefully.

Meena – Change of place or change of circumstances may be there on your mind, but this is not a period to take any such step at this stage.
Do – There are pressures and obstacles which are continuing to be there, and as a result you are risking your stability unnecessarily, that is where you have to safeguard your situation.
Don’t – Don’t let your partners go against you as a result of these problems, you will have to try and associate with others as much as possible.

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