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Monday, March 10, 2014

Tuesday 11th March 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Whatever changes are there on your mind are motivating you, that is why you are trying to work hard to get bigger gains.
Do – Partnerships are important and associations are important, even if you are a student you will have to associate with others to get that advantage.
Don’t – Don't shift your focus from work to getting only monetary rewards, because work is important and that can give you that bigger success.

Vrishabh – Your financial gains are indicated and you will be able to get satisfaction from that, as a result you will be able to convey your good thoughts towards others to understand them from your side.
Do – Your efforts and your performance are likely to give you better gains, your success therefore is ensured on account of your own hard work.
Don’t – Don’t create conflicts in your relationships, if that happens then you will have to repeat all your efforts to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Mithun – There are good opportunities before you on account of which your work related involvement can improve, but that may require some investment also.
Do – There is still a risk that your performance may not be as pointed, you may be trying to do a lot but in the process you may be creating upsets for yourself.
Don’t – Don’t annoy your own loved ones in the process, the problem is that even by spending money you may not be able to make them happy.

Karka – Luck may be favoring you and yet you are not able to get any advantage out of it, because your impulsiveness and hasty decisions are causing more of harm.
Do – Relationships may continue to show their own share of problems, you are not able to trust others fully in the process.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create a situation for yourself where your efforts go waste, and especially if people are not happy with you then your success may remain restricted.

Simha – Your knowledge is strong and praiseworthy, and yet you are not able to get full advantage of that goodness.
Do – Your problems are not only persisting but they are coming back repeatedly, that is why you are not fully satisfied with what you are doing.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create problems for work or for your financial position, this is a period where lot of stability needs to be maintained from your side.

Kanya – Work is important and whatever help you may get from others can actually guide you in the right direction, that is why you must try and associate with others.
Do – Relationships may show mixed influences, you may be harming your own interests by becoming negligent from your side.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time neglect the strength of this period, it can help you to get bigger gains from whatever effort you are making.

Tula – Despite pressures and problems this can still be called a lucky period, because circumstances are helping you to move forward in life.
Do – Even if there are dissatisfactions you are still having abundant goodness in you, that is why you are able to understand others at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t ignore any opportunity to come close to your loved ones, because that can help you to get that happiness which is very much required.

Vrishchik – Your knowledge is not getting used properly the way it is needed, that is why this period can be a little directionless.
Do – Considering alternatives may have its own share of problems, that is why you may have to maintain a lot of peace on your mind at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t let small irritants of life spoil the peace in your home and family, because any kind of aggression from your side can be harmful to you only.

Dhanu – Circumstances are such that you are able to associate with others, as a result you will find that financial prosperity also remains intact.
Do – Your efforts should be more strong and pointed, you are not able to plan your time as effectively as it is desired.
Don’t – Don’t miss out any opportunity of discussing your professional matters, in fact you have to aggressively move forward to showcase your abilities.

Makar – Wastages will have to be avoided at any cost, pressures and problems of personal life are also creating some amount of wastage which is not right.
Do – Your involvement in work can give you tremendous advantage, therefore a lot of positive involvement is needed from your side.
Don’t – Don’t let your psychological issues create conflicts in your mind, because that can impact not only your performance but also your relationships.

Kumbh – Financial aspect is well indicated and that will help you to plan your finances well, you have that ability in you to please others.
Do – Relationships may not still be as comfortable as you expect, there have been lingering issues which are not well placed but circumstances are changing very fast for the better.
Don’t – Don’t therefore try to bring any aggressive changes where some peace is needed, you may wait for better times to come to get that advantage.

Meena – Peace and happiness in personal life can be achieved, your positive attitude at this stage will definitely help you to resolve your issues.
Do – Make efforts to please others and get along with others, this can also give you higher financial gains.
Don’t – Don’t still be negligent in terms of your carefulness, proper planning is needed to take every step forward at this stage.

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