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Friday, March 14, 2014

Saturday 15th March 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have many psychological issues on your mind, you are becoming very emotional and uneasy at the same time.
Do – Relationships will have to be nurtured, you have to take care of others and help others in every sense.
Don’t – Don’t say anything which hurts others, you have to understand that people around you are becoming very sensitive at the moment and you have to understand their views.

Vrishabh – You may be distressed and yet you want to come close to your loved ones, that will actually give you the happiness which you want.
Do – Your work is important and you have to accomplish a lot, as a result you will have to work hard and improve your performance at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t move in any unplanned manner, as such your financial position is improving and you will get financial gains from many sources.

Mithun – You may not be happy with the gains which you are getting, and yet the circumstances are supportive and favorable and you have to look at the situation in a positive manner.
Do – Work is important and that is becoming an area of priority, you will be able to therefore communicate well and prove yourself in the process.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think negatively with regard to your personal life issues, circumstances are actually helping you to get that peace and happiness which is desired.

Karka – You may have many concerns with regard to your work and you may be getting worried also, still you have to look at the fact that situation is improving.
Do – Financial prosperity is increasing and your savings are also increasing, as a result you will realize that lot many things are possible at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t still be careless just because the circumstances are improving, because lot of care is needed at the moment to safeguard yourself from unnecessary losses.

Simha – Your impulsiveness can actually reduce the goodness of your financial position, that is why you have to plan more effectively.
Do – You are becoming irregular and unstable in your thoughts, that is why you are blaming your circumstances around you, that thought has to be changed.
Don’t – Don’t find fault in others as that is not going to help, in fact that can impact some love relationship negatively and that is not right.

Kanya – Your problems are there because you are not able to handle them, you are worried and endlessly and that is causing further distress.
Do – Plan more effectively and avoid conflicts at your workplace, because that is where some carefulness is needed and will help you at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t increase your problems just in an attempt to help others, don’t therefore become too liberal in any manner.

Tula – Gains from work are there and that is a blessing, but you are not happy with your partners as you think that they are not helping you enough.
Do – You have to safeguard your circumstances from unnecessary changes and alternatives, because that is one factor which can increase your financial pressures as well.
Don’t – Don’t get into differences with people on account of financial matters, as such people may not be as happy with you and that is where some safeguard is needed.

Vrishchik – Luck is helping you and favoring you very well, and that is further helping you to improve your performance at your workplace.
Do – Gains are possible and happiness is abundant, and yet you have to be very mild in your thought process.
Don’t – Don’t think of any emotional love relationship at your workplace, it may not work out the way you expect.

Dhanu – Relationships are important to you and you have to take care of others, at least you have to maintain positive thoughts in your mind at the moment.
Do – Work related situation is likely to motivate you and make you work hard, that is the goodness with which this period can be helpful.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need for maintaining peace in your personal life, that is one aspect which requires abundant carefulness from your side.

Makar – You may be distressed and finding fault with others in home and family, but that kind of negative thought is harming your own self.
Do – Financial position may be comfortable but you have to plan more effectively, taking unnecessary help from others is also not desired.
Don’t – Don't become demotivated in any manner, even if people are unhappy with you then you have to try and resolve those issues from your side.

Kumbh – Any kind of argument will have to be avoided, this is a period which requires that you do not aggravate your issues from your side.
Do – Communicate with others with carefulness, whatever you write will have to be done keeping lot of patience.
Don’t – Don’t carry conflicts in your mind in any negative manner, because that can hamper the peace in some love relationship as well.

Meena – You are not able to devote time towards your studies as much as it is desired, that is the weakness which must be corrected.
Do – Speak carefully and politely, that will help you to avoid any problems unnecessarily.
Don’t – Don’t create distance with others in any manner, don’t therefore complicate your situation unnecessarily.

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