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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sunday 16th March 2014, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Your partners and associates are helping you in your career, and whatever alternatives are available can also be helpful for change of job.
Do – If you are a student your studies may be suffering, you need to therefore understand that hard work is definitely needed to succeed.
Don’t – Don’t move away from the path of success in any manner, you are close to your destination and getting uneasy to take the next step.

Vrishabh – Pressures and problems in personal life are evident, conflicts therefore will have to be avoided at any cost.
Do – Money may be needed to implement your plans, you may therefore be trying to borrow money to fulfill those requirements.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the goodness of your friends who can be helpful and supportive, whatever way you communicate with them is going to be beneficial.

Mithun – Relationships may not be giving you any happiness, especially some love relationship may be suffering on account of these factors.
Do – Auspiciousness of this period will have to be created by conveying your thoughts, you must tell others about your good intentions as that will help.
Don’t – Don’t ignore your work in any manner as that is your priority, your involvement in your work can even give you bigger financial rewards as I can see.

Karka – There may be pressures in personal life but still lot of goodness is getting created, people are supporting you and helping you and in the process trying to appreciate your viewpoint.
Do – Changes will have to be avoided as that is not going to help, that is why you have to try and understand the need to maintain peace and maintain stability.
Don’t – Don’t undertake any travel at this stage as it may not be beneficial, even small issues or problems may become bigger and cause upsets.

Simha – You are not able to progress well at this stage, your efforts are therefore not as pointed.
Do – You have to look at your opportunities in a very clear manner, taking any decision out of confusions or dissatisfactions is not going to help.
Don’t – Don’t become critical in your viewpoint to find fault in others, because that can take away the peace of this period unnecessarily.

Kanya – This is a period when favorable opportunities may be available to you, luck may therefore help you and favor you in whatever step you are trying to take.
Do – Alternatives will have to be looked at with optimism, any kind of distress on your mind is not going to help in any manner.
Don’t – Don’t let disagreements spoil the goodness of your professional life, your partners are helping you and supporting you and that can be a big blessing at the moment.

Tula – Home and family is important to you and you have to draw a lot of happiness out of it, and for that reason your pointed involvement with others will definitely help.
Do – You can study well and increase your knowledge, auspiciousness on that front is helping you to achieve bigger goals.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the financial aspect in any manner, if money is to be repaid then it must be done now to get that peace which is very much essential.

Vrishchik – You may be motivated for some travel or changes but there are associated problems in it, you may not be able to control your wastages in the process.
Do – Some investment is possible if you plan for that, minor hindrances on that front may be there but can be resolved.
Don’t – Don’t let your performance get reduced in any manner, you have to work hard and prove yourself in the process.

Dhanu – Financial aspect is well indicated and circumstances are helping you enormously, that is the reason that peace in home and family is indicated.
Do – Try to fulfill the needs of others around you, that will show and prove your goodness towards others which is abundantly there.
Don’t – Don’t let any financial differences of opinion arise in any manner, if you remain mild from your side then you will be able to avoid those situations as such.

Makar – Highly auspicious period for your accomplishments, and yet you are stressed in your mind which is not right.
Do – Personal relationships may have its own share of problems and upsets, you are not able to trust others fully at the moment.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your negativity overpower you in any manner, because indirectly it can lead to reduction of your efforts and that is not right.

Kumbh – Auspiciousness of this period is somewhat reduced, you may be agitated in your mind and that is causing bigger upsets.
Do – Some love relationship may be strong on your mind and you are devoted towards that, whatever way you discuss your thoughts can be helpful.
Don’t – Don’t give so much of importance to money, relationships will have to be taken care from your side, don’t create any distance with anyone.

Meena – Your positive efforts will definitely give you bigger rewards, your hard work therefore must remain very pointed.
Do – Personal relationships are not as well placed, you are not able to control those small issues which you are carrying on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t think that people around you are against you, there may be circumstances where you may be thinking more than what is needed.

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