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Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are finding fault in others but you are yourself at fault, especially towards family members you have to be more cooperative
Day special – what you think may not be right, there are bigger issues which you have to understand, foremost is that you find the facts
Far off linkages may not be helpful, you are constantly thinking about that for which you wish to travel or move
Do – expectations can be met if you work towards them, nearly hoping or wishing will not give results
Don’t – don’t have false self-confidence, each issues have to be understood on strengths and weaknesses, don’t make mistake on that
You are dissatisfied about money, you wish to become rich very fast, for that you want to make changes also
Day special – strength of your career will give you the rewards, success achieve slowly is always stable, that is important
You are very uneasy and dissatisfied, concerns about profession are also there, but god is kind to give you excellent financial stability
Do – involve towards work as that is an area of weakness, psychologically you wish to do so but actually there are weaknesses
Don’t – don’t be stressed or uneasy, that is not solve the problems, you are strength lies in the support from others
Look at the strength which you have career is stable financial position is good, but you are constantly thinking about changes and for off linkages, that is not going to give you desired results
Day special – your own abilities are excellent but you are not putting them to proper use, your own work will give you success and there is no role of luck in that, work hard and you will succeed
You are depressed and uneasy because of some financial matter, you may be cheated unless you are careful, you have to take each decision with careful planning
Do – the strength and stability for you is immense, you will not go wrong if you are stable in your thinking
Don’t – don’t be dissatisfied and stressed, that will lead to problems, don’t neglect to protect yourself from cheating
You stressed about your career and there is reason for that, you are being to stiff in your attitude and ignoring your profession,
Day special – nearly making money is not enough in life, that is your focus but the work is suffering, try to improve that
Luck may not support you at all, and you are yourself not working with a focus mind, that is the weakness which leads to uneasiness
Do – improve your own focus by not depending on luck, you work own hard work will give you tremendous gains
Don’t – don’t be stressed because things are not working as per your desires, there are pressures but there are which protect you also, don’t have dissatisfactions about others
Stressful period as some loved relationship may not work out, there are pressures as well as confusions on your mind,
Day special – you think that others are not giving you care and importance, that leads to conflicts and dissatisfactions, but above all the divine blessing is with you
You are dissatisfied about your home family and marriage, you are yourself to be blamed to some extent, in any relationship you have to protect yourself from the pressures
Do – involve more towards family and marriage, you have to shed the confusions of your mind to remain stable psychologically
Don’t – don’t have lack of trust for others in your mind, that is the most unfortunate thing as it does not lead to happiness
Your own mental makeup leads to conflicts, these conflicts can be in career as well as in any type of communication, there is happiness in family
Day special – avoid conflicts and take care of your health, even some expenses or losses have to be controlled because of these reasons
You have to speak caringly in any love relationship, there are pressures and forces which make the relationship weak, your own stability of thinking is required
Do – student have to devote more time towards studies, you are understanding this importance,
Don’t – don’t be hash in your attitude as that can complicate the matters, don’t let any financial dispute occur as this is not the time to get into that

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