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Monday, June 23, 2008

24th June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are doing fine but still dissatisfied, your dissatisfactions are in the form of worries, those are connected with career more than anything else
Do – stay calm as there is nothing adverse as such, financial worries are there because expenses are high, control your expenses
Don’t – don’t have uneasiness connected with your career, that can reduce your performance, that can also cause reduced efforts from your side don’t let that happen
Luck may not favor you as much, but your focus towards work will help you immensely, there is nothing adverse at this stage, you are doing well
Day special – generally stable and lucky period, change of place on your mind but you are undecided, don’t rush any decision at this stage
Psychologically weak period as you are putting lot of pressure on yourself, pressures may be there on account of obstacles as differences, but getting worried about them will not solve the problems
Do – stay peaceful as many things are made up in your mind, you have ample support from others and nothing adverse will happen to you
Don’t – don’t think negatively as that will not help, you are getting unduly sensitive at this stage, don’t increase your expenses at this stage
Weak period for marital relations, don’t over react because of your sensitiveness, you are yourself at fault, anger will not help
Day special – involvement towards spiritualism will help, even some kind of meditation will help you, risking your money should be avoided
Worries on your mind, getting worried will not help, investigation and treatment has to be initiated
Do – acknowledge the help and support which your spouse gives you, that givea you happiness also
Don’t – you are worried for loss of your image, don’t ignore the factors which create those reasons
Weak period for some love relationship to prosper, many confusions can appear, you may yourself not be satisfied with that
Day special – your studies are suffering and your personal life is suffering, lot of ups and downs are there, stay calm and think rationally, that will protect you
Generally stable period as there is nothing to worry, you are thinking too much about your home and family and getting stressed, you want gains from them and that dissatisfies you
Do – be practical in your approach and don’t expect miracles, do your duty and leave the rest to god
Don’t – don’t ignore the voice of your heart, that is taking you to a relationship which will give you happiness, don’t ignore those developments
Your focus is towards your home, your family needs that, but your efforts are getting reduced, you have to find a balance between the two
Day special – your career wants lot of time, your home and family requires lot of care, because of these pressures don’t let your marital life come under stress
Financial pressures can be there, because your expenses are high, some of these expenses are wasteful, protect yourself from that
Do – keeping a stable head on your shoulders is important, think rationally before taking any decision
Don’t – don’t be impulsive in attitude, think before you speak, think before you spend, don’t ignore these golden words
You are being too sensitive at this stage, that can make your speech very harsh, take care of your eating habits also
Day special – something which you may eat can harm you, be careful on that as that can have health related problems, your money may be stuck, protect yourself from that
Weak period for any decision connected with change, in periods of weakness no big decision should be taken, that is the immediate advice
Do – stay focused in what you are doing, changes can be good if planned well, but postpone that for a while
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as there are hidden factors causing distress, lack of diagnosis can put further pressure on you
Weak period for financial stability, your money may be under risk, career is stable but for that reason don’t risk your money, you can be cheated very easily
Day special – you are trusting others without any reason, it is your goodness which is playing at this stage, but it is not always good to be so good

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