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Friday, June 20, 2008

21st June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are a little worried, professional reasons as well as personal reasons both can be there, on professional reasons your abilities are under scanner, on personal reasons your relationships mean a lot of you
Day special – all this well placed but you are worried, worries should be to motivate you, not to depress you, move ahead with conviction
You wish to gain from some property, for that focus is very good, your own ability to negotiate to help you at this stage
Do – home family and personal matters need your involvement, even career is oriented towards your home and family only, that will give you happiness
Don’t – don’t have uneasiness of mind connected with travels or far off linkages, luck is supporting you in many ways and for that reason don’t worry so much
Your hard work towards studies will give rewards, even for travels and for off linkages your attitude is now very positive
Day special – psychological fears and anxieties can still be there, but that is a natural phenomena, it is human nature to worry but that is not required
Your money may be put to risk as your expenses may be heavy, pressures on your accumulated funds and savings because you are not planning well
Do – plan well as that will protect you immensely, expenses are there you cannot avoid them but planning will help you in the long run
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of arguments at this stage, that can lead to your own loss, don’t be angry or hash in your attitude
Your own positive thinking can bring enormous gain for you, but you are not able to do that, you are thinking negatively and having many doubts on your mind
Day special – getting uneasy like this will not help, planetary forces are willing to help you, you just try to change your attitude
You wish to bring in changes in your profession, that can be financially rewarding, but that can but lot of pressure on your abilities
Do – avoid differences of opinion connected with your abilities, any change of circumstances must be planned properly
Don’t – don’t ignore the factors of your financial inflows, there can be pressures on that, don’t let anyone cheat you on financial matters
Your worries are connected with your finances, but actually there is no need for worry as it is a very supportive period, routine pressures can still be there be there
Day special – the real pressure is on your profession, you are not realizing that and you are thinking about money only, target your improvement in your career and monetary position will automatically improve
You are worried for you career as there are many pressure, this is a period in which you incur loss in your career also,
Do – protect yourself from this situation, you are depending on others but that can be a loss situation
Don’t – don’t be worried as you have to face this situation, gradually you will be able to control these factors
Very lucky period for financial stability, but take care on what you speak, don’t hash or sarcastic to anyone, marriage needs lot of care
Day special – overall stability is ensured, protect yourself from some loss, differences of opinion have to be controlled
Issues connected with relationships can cause upsets, even career needs better focus
Do – work hard to solve these issues one by one, getting worried or depressed will not help, hence get up and get going
Don’t – don’t thinking negatively, as such you have made many mistake in the past, don’t repeat those mistakes now
All your thoughts towards home family and marriage, your worries are connected with pressures of profession also, mixed period which needs lot of understand from your side
Day special – don’t let any financial crisis come up, money is stable but don’t spend without thinking
Pressures and disputes in family can be there, weak period for that and your efforts will be required to resolve those issues,
Do – trying to resolve the issues connected with your home and family is your responsibility, do it with lot of patience
Don’t – don’t ignore financial angle, as such you are worried, but it is getting complicated, don’t ignore that fact

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