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Sunday, June 15, 2008

15th June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very auspicious period in many ways, luck supports you fully and you are helpful to others,
Day special – love relationship blossoms, you are keen to convert it into a serious relationship also,
Weak period, Health concerns and psychological uneasiness, money may be stuck
Do – keep your family happiness intact, in any differences try to discuss the matters
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, don't put your money into risk,
you are working hard to fulfill your dreams, whether they are for studies or for relationships, business situation is stable
Day special – you have full support and help from others, even business partners are supportive, you must improve your creativity
Some family issues bother you, they may be mild matters but need to be resolved
Do – your financial position is stable but you are risking it, protect your finances at this stage
Don’t – don’t let your routine pressures over power your stability, obstacles can cause pressures on finances, don't loose your anger
You are seriously thinking of love relationship, you are making all out efforts for that also, but hidden obstacles are there which can cause ups and downs
Day special – career is stable and you can gains many games, all these gains are have a result of your hard work
Happy period for you and your family, business needs funds but some of it may get wasted, for that financial pressure may emerge
Do – try to be stable, work hard towards your goals,
Don’t – don’t look at changes or alternatives, those are not required at this stage, changes and travels can create lot of obstacles for you
Slightly stressful period as mild differences can be there, in your own efforts there are ups and downs, you are trying to do well but your career is still weak
Day special – your life needs to be organized better, there is need for lot of patience in home and in your profession
Excellent period for financial prosperity, despite ups and downs lot of stability is there, expenses are high and they still bother you
Do – plan your priorities well, trust others
Don’t – don’t get into differences with spouse, don't have a negative thinking as it will not help
Very stable period in many ways, personal life is happy and you are coming out of problems, boss is becoming supportive and appreciative
Day special – career still needs involvement, differences have to be avoided, financial situation is now improving
You are worried for expenses or losses, differences at work place are emerging, your own mistakes have to be controlled now
Do – plan your finances, undertake travel after proper planning
Don’t – don’t ignore the views of your boss, otherwise differences can emerge
Excellent period for financial prosperity, love relationship blossoms and give you happiness
Day special – any relationship if nurtured well can lead to enormous happiness, you are placed in that situation, you are helpful to others and that brings lot of auspiciousness
You are worried for your career, but these are aggravated thoughts on your mind with less of reality, personal life is becoming stressful all over again
Do – involve more towards your family and avoid any disputes, keep a lot of peace and patience as that is essential
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk as that can create obstacles, don't ignore your studies as that is a real weakness

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