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Friday, June 27, 2008

27th June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your creativity in the form of performing arts is very good, you should develop your interests, the can be in the form of writing singing speaking or any such effort
Day special – remember that success comes with hard work, luck favor those who work for it,
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, you will gain happiness from home family and relationships, these are favorable times
Do – have faith in yourself and you will achieve everything, lack of trust in yourself as well as in others is the biggest enemy, protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t put your money into any risky venture, as such monetary position is stable, don’t let any wrong decision risk that stability
In your profession you are thinking about changes, there were earlier ups and downs in that decision making, not again you are thinking about it
Day special – if you are so convinced then you must plan properly, but there are inherent factors that you may change your decisions later
Expenses and pressures can cause financial distress also you have to be careful on this otherwise financial problems may make you unhappy
Do – plan your travels well so that sudden upsets don’t bother you, as such your expenses can be upsetting
Don’t – don’t depend on luck too much, any change of place can cause lot of pressures in you, it is better to postpone any big decision at this stage
Financially stable period, your business requires those funds and you are worried for that, but you will be able to fulfill those needs adequately
Day special – you are worried about the stability of some love relationship also, but you are so firm that nothing can take away that stability
Very stable period for personal and professional well being, the needs of profession are paramount, even in business needs can put pressure on you,
Do – you can count on your virtues as many blessings are with you, as such it is an auspicious period which will prove to be beneficial
Don’t – some decisions about property need to be taken, don’t postpone those decisions as they are to your advantage
Luck may not support you, hence don’t plan any changes which are dependent on luck, stay committed with your own efforts, those will give you rewards
Day special – psychologically remain up beat, god is kind in many ways, professional pressures is something which you have to accept
Routine pressures are immense, professional pressures because of changes; accept those changes as a need and a requirement,
Do – do all this with a devoted mind, remember that it is required a few and you have to fulfill those responsibilities
Don’t – don’t get into pressures with boss, don’t plan for any changes as those may not bring the desired results,
Marital pressures can lead to uneasiness, even professional uneasiness is there, you need to be more stable in your thinking, devote more time and effort towards these weak areas
Day special – depend on your family for support and help, they can provide lot of guidance in this period of uneasiness
Some conflicts in love relationship can be there, it is reality which you have to accept, even if you have to postpone any decision of relationships then please do it
Do – accept the reality of these pressures, even career can be under pressure because of these reasons, involve better towards your career for stability
Don’t – don’t risk the stability of your life at any cost, your personal well being is threatened, you can make mistakes as someone may cause harm to you
Love relationship can be very happy, you want to talk about it to your elders also, the family will be supportive
Day special – be pleasant to others as it will bring you many friends and well wishers, financial prosperity will also help you to take decisions to your advantage
Family and marital happiness is ensured, profession is stable and god is kind, but financial issues can be immense
Do – most favorable time for constant hard work, involve towards your family that will help you
Don’t – don’t let pressures come in the way of your family happiness, family disputes have to be protected

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