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Thursday, June 5, 2008

6th June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very lucky period as you understand the importance of doing well in life, overall auspiciousness is with you, out of that financial and professional prosperity motivates you
Do – try to cover the weakness which is towards your home and family, you have to fulfill your responsibilities towards them also
Don’t – don’t let any conflicts appear in your life, they can be in any love relationship or in any matter connected with money
You are stressed for money, there are ups and downs in that, still many things are under controlled
Day special – normal ups and downs are a way of life, your self-confidence and your professional stability will give you happiness
Excellent period for professional growth, but your business partners are becoming very strong now
Do – handle this situation carefully and don’t make mistakes from your side,
Don’t – don’t get into differences with anyone, that can be because of your own mistakes
Weak period for many reasons, health concerns and financial pressures because of that, that is putting pressure in the form of weakness in your career also
Day special – Health is of prime importance, confusions of mind have to be removed, that will protect your career
You are concerned about your children, you are concerned about their career also, everything is are under control but normal ups and downs will keep on bothering you
Do – Keep your thinking very stable without indulging in wastages or losses, there can be pressures on your finances
Don’t –some love relationship can be stressful, there are inherent problems in that, don’t indulge in that
Stable and happy period in every way, investment in business will bring good rewards, family is helpful in every way
Day special – very auspicious period, but don’t risk your money, unexpected obstacles can cause losses
Pressures and conflicts can cause uneasiness on your mind, luck is not supporting you and even your efforts are not giving full results
Do – involvement in a positive manner towards life is the only solution, do that
Don’t – don’t expect too much in this situation, career is under pressure and need lot of care,
Generally stable period for finances and for children, but you are still worried because psychologically you are uneasy
Day special – your own negative attitude can spoil many things, hence lot of precaution have to be taken, the foremost is to change your own attitude, be optimistic in life
Very stable period as everything seems to be under control, marital issues give you happiness and that what this life is all about, happiness is foremost try to gain that as you can
Do – ups and downs in career have to be protected involve well so that others support you
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as indirectly there are pressures on that, don’t be hash in your attitude even if you are dissatisfied
Weak period for many reasons, health is a concern which needs care, financial position is weak
Day special – weak period require more involvement, you have to work hard and you have to understand the reason for weaknesses, change of place or change of situations will not improve the circumstances
Favorable period for financial inflows, but pressures in your studies,
Do – study well with a clear focus, career is weak that requires lot of involvement
Don’t – don’t get into professional disputes, that protection is required, don’t ignore that
Stable period in many ways, still there are some weaknesses other then career and home, financial matter need lot of patience, concern about children are surfacing again
Day special – luck may not support you fully, but your hard work can change every thing to your advantage

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