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Saturday, June 21, 2008

22nd June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are very focused in your career, you are trying to shed your uneasiness, that will bring enormous gains,
Do – now involve to increase your knowledge, you are coming out of a period of uneasiness on that
Don’t – don’t still be uneasy on minor issues, you are doing well and maintain that stability, don’t be depressed
Your dependence on luck is actually helpful, many factors are supportive to you, but any change of place needs to be planned well
Day special – career is stable and luck is supporting you, your earlier plans for travels or changes will convert into reality
Stressful period as you are not happy, many pressures and routine pressures still bother you, psychologically you have to control ups and downs of thinking
Do – remain stable and positive in your attitude, look at the virtues which are available to you, you have already realized your past mistakes
Don’t – don’t let your day to day efforts suffer on account of pressures, don’t be careless in travels as there can be hurt or injury
Dissatisfaction connected with home and family, financial position stressful because you are spending more
Day special – involve more towards family and marriage, that will reduce your dissatisfactions as well as your anger, maintaining peace is very essential
Health concerns are paramount, loss on account of cheating can also be there, this period requires lot of care
Do – take care of health especially in terms of thinking of extremes, the overall period is becoming favorable, take advantage of that
Don’t – don’t get into differences of opinion in home and family, that is not required at this stage, don’t let that happen
You are worried for financial reasons, in some love relationship also there are pressures and obstacles,
Day special – you have to understand the views of your elders in this aspect, you cannot have your own views in relationship as you can go wrong
You are worried for your career still, but many problems have already been removed,
Do – very favorable period for financial prosperity, shed your fears and anxieties and your financial growth will start
Don’t – don’t let this uneasiness cause unhappiness in family, family happiness should no be measured in terms of money only
Your involvement towards work will increase now, but boss may be unhappy to some extent, luck may not support you as much and you will continue to worry
Day special – your strength lies in your hard work, there has been some slackness in the past but you will move ahead forward with conviction, remember that you can yourself make your destiny with hard work
Financial pressures continue because your expenses are increasing now, there may be wasteful expenses and you have to be careful, you are being too forceful and not listening to others
Do – avoid any differences at work place, keep your speech and expressions mild and pleasant towards others
Don’t – don’t create obstacles for yourself at this stage, don’t waste your money as that is not going to help, don’t be pessimistic
Spouse is supportive to you in many ways, but you are still not satisfied as family pressures are increasing, you have to protect yourself from this situation
Day special – most of the issues are made up in the mind, just because you are thinking negatively you are thinking of problems only, avoid that kind of attitude
Health issues continue, but there is lot of protection and God is kind, do some meditation and that will help
Do – your involvement toward career is increasing, but hidden factors of disagreements may still be there, protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t let anyone spoil your image, your enemies may want to do that, that needs lot of protection, don’t let that happen
You are not happy and satisfied with your own abilities, students need to work hard and not get depressed, don’t think about the past as that will never help
Day special – you have to move ahead and prove yourself, luck may not support you as much in this period and you have to depend on your hard work only

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