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Monday, June 2, 2008

2nd June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Excellent period for financial prosperity and positive efforts, but you are still stressed as your focus is lacking, all this goodness is because luck is favoring you
Do – take advantage of the good times as the period is favorable; you are getting support from everyone around you
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of routine differences of opinion, try to understand others better and don’t get into conflicts
Stable period and god is kind, but you are stressed because you want much more, your plans for travel or movement must be considered carefully
Day special – stability in life is important and that is available to you, don’t spoil that stability at any cost, any plans in life have to be taken carefully with proper planning
Wasteful expenses because you want to enjoy life, that is all right as long as it does not lead to upsets,
Do – there is lot of pressure on your finances and that is not looking good, do plan properly as you cannot put your life into risk
Don’t – don’t ignore to devote time towards your studies, you have diversions of mind and many things are on your mind, that leads to lack of focus
You are trying to focus towards your career and that will lead to financial gains, that’s a good indication as your efforts will be rewarded
Day special – despite these positive indications you still need to concentrate on your career as you cannot ignore that, long term focus for that will come with increase of knowledge, you must do that
Excellent period for professional gains, your commitment towards work is remarkable and you will gain from these forces, god is kind to give you this situation
Do – continue to involve well with others, but try to devote time towards your family also
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as pressures are building, that can lead to stress of a different kind as you have to understand that, change of place may not be advisable
Very lucky period in many ways, but you are stressed because of pressure with finances, career is stable but changes in life need to be considered carefully,
Day special – astrologically stability has to be maintained, confusions in relationships can lead to stress and separation, psychologically you have to be stable
You are yourself responsible for pressures in life, work pressures are real and others are irrelevant,
Do – devote time towards your career, by your attitude you are risking your financial stability also, protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t get into any stiffed attitude, you can right the time, you have to understand others even if they are wrong
You get excellent support from others, even far off linkages bring name and fame, pressure of work is a price which you pay for your success
Day special – your own attitude is to be improved, you get into moods of conflicts periodically, that needs to be protected
Health related concerns can be there, that makes you uneasy in relationship,
Do – work towards your marriage and work towards the success in career, these are important areas which you cannot ignore,
Don’t – don’t lend any money to anyone, that will lead to financial disputes
Excellent period for overall stability, care is stable and relationship are rewarding, you get happiness from all this
Day special – but despite this happiness there weaknesses from family angle, you are uneasy because you are not getting this support from your family, this requires a better balance between your personal and professional life
Very promising period in many ways but routine pressures are not making it a happy situation, career is suffering because of these pressures
Do – take advantage of the good times as it bring happiness and prosperity, but you cannot ignore the weaknesses which are also there
Don’t – don’t ignore your career as it is important, don’t ignore that you have to constantly work hard to achieve your dreams and aspirations
Obstacles are there, but your own attitude can overcome these obstacles, don’t get into conflicts with some one who is important, that can complicate the matters
Day special – take these obstacles as challenges in life, luck may not support you and financial pressures may be there, but there are goodnesses which are inherently available to you, you have the ability to succeed and you will succeed

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