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Saturday, June 14, 2008

14th June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are depending on others for help, but in your profession you will be dissatisfied, generally every thing is fine
Do – in your career there is no reason to worry, in personal life you need to involve more and spend more time with your loved ones
Don’t – don’t be worried as that is not required, don’t let dissatisfactions reduce your professional stability
Weak period psychologically as there are many thoughts on your mind, these are self-created thoughts and you are thinking too much
Day special – generally stable period but take care of health, especially some issues connected with your skins or eyes can bother you
Studies are on your mind, and you are dissatisfied about that, nearly thinking about bit will not solve the issue
Do – continue to work hard the doors are opening for your goodness in life, be optimistic at that is required
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as there are upsets in that, don’t plan any travel or change at this stage as it may not give expected results
Many issues connected with home and family on your mind, even issues connected with children bother you, expenses may go up
Day special – it is a stressful period which requires lot of careful planning, step by step you have to resolve these issues, have lot of patience
Worries connect with health can be there, gainful period in career as this is the period to ripe the rewards
Do – in health concerns take another opinion, career is stable but avoid differences of opinion
Don’t – don't have any doubts on your mind as that will reduce the stability, be at peace
Worries about studies bother you, even for higher studies there are ups and downs, just an average period with nothing remarkable to achieve
Day special – pressures on finances, for business as well as children money is required, your savings will help you at this stage
You want to gain from your home family or property, that is not happening and that is the cause of dissatisfactions, overall career is also under stress,
Do – keep a lot of patience as circumstances are changing, luck is going to support you soon and situation will improve
Don’t – don’t have differences with boss as that situation is also going to resolve, don’t be stressed as that is the upsetting aspect at this stage
Any change travel or expense can bother you, for that you will have to make lot of efforts, financial position is stable and that will be taken care of
Day special – if you have to achieve something then lot of hard work is needed, don’t run away from that, expenses can be a problem which needs careful handling
You are worried for finances, but there is no reason for that,
Do – instead of financial worries you should have professional worries, avoid ups and downs in professional matters, boss needs to be handled better
Don’t – don’t ignore your health, take care of your eyes and don't overstress them
Stressful period as you are dissatisfied and worried, career is becoming stressful as there may be differences of opinion
Day special – lot of stability and harmony is required in your profession, be very stable in your thinking, otherwise disputes can occur
You are worried for changes or losses somebody may cheat you and you have to protect yourself Do – generally auspicious period as luck favors you immensely, dependence on your own knowledge will help you
Don’t – don't ignore that dependence on luck is not enough, your own hard work is lacking and that is a real problem
Worries connect with finances, pressures are there and they are increasing that makes you very dissatisfied and stressed
Day special – even in your profession or business some obstacles are appearing now, any weak period requires more efforts and better involvement, that realization will help you to overcome these problems

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