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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4th June 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Weak period for concerns connected with family disputes, you are at fault and you need to change your attitude, you cannot blame for other for this situation
Do – try to understand the reality and be on the path of righteousness,
Don’t – don’t suspect others of ill doing when that may not be at fault, don’t get into any routine conflicts and have patience
Weak period as your spouse may not support you fully, some losses can be there which may bother you,
Day special – you can be subjected to loss by people whom you trust, it can be a case of cheating against you, but largely there is lot of protection which is emerging in many ways
Weak period as financial disputes may bother you, you are yourself responsible for most of it because you have failed to planned properly, career still remain stable and that is a divine blessing
Do – plan well as that is important, financial pressures can be controlled with careful planning
Don’t – don’t make mistake as you are continuing to do that, in your own forcefulness you are not realizing that you are at fault, don’t let that happen
Lot of auspiciousness is there but you are not able to take that advantage, you are very uneasy and not stable in your thinking, but you are very rigid in your attitude and that is the problem
Day special – financial prosperity gives you happiness, students must understand that studies are suffering and that can cause problems for your settlement also
Weak period in many ways, luck is not supporting you and that is putting lot of pressure, if you are away then you are not happy also,
Do – health condition needs to be taken care of, but your entire focus is own your career and you have to create a balance in your life
Don’t – don’t think of changes or moving away at this stage, that may not be the right think to do, short duration travels are all right
Pressures on your finances will put pressures on you, but you are depending on your luck and that can be a dangerous thing, luck may support you for a while
Day special – dependence on luck can lead to losses also, especially students cannot depend on luck for there progress in life, understand that
False self-confidence leads to pressures on your career, financial pressures are there and support is lacking, that is not the ideal situation
Do – try to change this situation as your career needs stability, false self-confidence will not help
Don’t – don’t depend on the support on others at all times, support cannot lead to your stability in life, you own focus has to be right
You think that you are always right, that is not the right thing and right attitude, you are making lot of mistakes and you are being unfair in your attitude
Day special – change your entire focus towards life, change your attitude and make it positive, understand that others can also be right
Emotions are suffering and far off linkages are causing problems, you are psychologically getting tense and that is reflecting in your career also, some love relationship is bothering you which needs care
Do – have lot of patience and don’t be under any agitation, that is not going to help
Don’t – don’t ignore that your career needs lot of involvement ups and downs in that can be dangerous, your knowledge is suffering and that needs improvement, don’t ignore that
Home and family is the cause for concern, even financial problems will bother you immensely, but strengths are there in the form of some love relationship to give you happiness
Day special – lot of pressures on you in many ways, family needs lot of care but you are in your own world, career is stable but monetary pressures can still be there
Career is suffering and your efforts are not adequate, that is leading to pressures in your personal life also, all this needs lot of care
Do – involve better towards your work, money stable but that is not enough, money cannot bring everything for you
Don’t – don’t let your own efforts become weak under any situation, that is the worst thing to happen and needs to be protected, don’t let that happen
Luck is not helping you and financial position is under stress, you may be subjected to cheating but you are not realizing it, control your expenses as that can be the reasons for all problems
Day special – your own hard work is praise worthy, you think that it will solve all the problems, you may be partly right but financial pressures may still be there

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