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Sunday, August 10, 2008

10th August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are very dissatisfied and unhappy, even to the extent of being depressed this can be the dissatisfactions connected with home and family
Do – stay calm and accept the reality, hidden factors connected with relationships also have to be understood,
Don’t – don’t be uneasy so much that its spoils your health, as such this is a period of acceptance and not to get agitated
Your dissatisfactions are connected with marriage or some love relationship, oppositions from home or family can also bother you,
Day special – the more you connected with family the better it will be, running away from responsibilities and isolating yourself will make you more and more stressed
Health related concerns can be there, some family issues may get complicated, financial pressures can also be there because of these factors
Do – it is better to talk or discus the issues, that will lead to solutions,
Don’t – don’t carry any grouch in your mind, that can lead to conflicts or disputes, and that will not be helpful immensely, hence don’t let that happen
You are very worried for monetary issues, you are also indirectly worried for travels or expenses,
Day special – if someone is away then your thoughts are dissatisfied about that, it is better to speak to that person over phone or write a letter, distance causes apprehensions, but don’t let that happen as that is a negativity and can cause uneasiness
Uneasy period as you can be making lot of mistakes, this is out of confusion that you are not taking right decisions, you expectation are high and impractical
Do – protect yourself from differences with boss, that can be out of misunderstandings
Don’t – don’t be depressed as that is a bigger negativity which you carry, don’t let confusions emerge in the mind
Far off linkages are upsetting, you are not satisfied with what is happening, your efforts can improve the situation slightly
Day special – still I would call this as a weak period only, this requires better effort and better planning from your side, that only will solve your problems
You are not satisfied about your career, you are also not satisfied about the financial position, expenses also bother you
Do – even in this uneasiness you have to do what is required out of you, some times one has to forget many things in life for the sake of better performance
Don’t – don’t have doubts or apprehensions about the needs of your business, those needs have to be understood for the sake of future abilities
A little uneasy and depressing period, you think that luck may not favor you, but financial position will gradually improve, make efforts for that
Day special – nothing really to worry, shed this uneasiness and confusion, this is all made up in the mind
Weak period in many ways, pressures of performance or change start building on you, you are also still worried about the intentions about the boss,
Do – you have to keep lot of peace, many indications of some depression on you, that has to be avoided,
Don’t – don’t get into any thought for deliberate changes in life, especially connected with career you have to be very careful
Mixed period in many ways, financial position is improving and that is a blessing, but pressures and dissatisfactions still continue
Day special – have confidence in yourself and also in others, that is the key words to your stability and success
Dissatisfactions about career can lead to conflicts, that can be unfortunate as that can complicate matter,
Do – pressures of profession can be immense, your own efforts and hard work is reducing and that can cause problems, do something positive about it
Don’t – don’t get into differences of opinion unless you know the facts yourself, unfound thoughts fears and anxieties can cause upsets, don’t let that happen
Some love relationship is not working out as much as you want, there are many hidden factors which cause differences of opinion, people expect money from you for your favors,
Day special – you have many things to handle at the same time, but you are loosing your interest, you have to perform and resolve all these issues one by one

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