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Saturday, August 16, 2008

16th August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are being too sensitive in this period, issues on your mind are connected with home family as well as career, you are at the cross roads of family as well as career and you are under pressure from both sides
Do – as such you are doing fine in your career, avoid differences of opinion in this uneasiness
Don’t – don’t ignore your family and children, if you are a student your studies are also suffering, don’t let that happen
Despite your hard work you are not satisfied with the rewards, your dependence on luck is not required, for that reason you should not put any thing to risk
Day special – even on your path towards spirituality you are confused, total devotion is required in whatever you do, that only will reduce your uneasiness
Issues connected with money are on your mind, you are actually risking the stability of money by some speculative ventures, that can cause loss to you
Do – more than the loss it is the psychological uneasiness which has to be controlled, gain and losses are on one side, but staying happy is more important
Don’t – don’t have doubts about your own abilities and hard work, for that reason don’t be harsh to others
You are not happy with your marital situation, that is why differences of opinion are there
Day special – to improve this situation your involvement is already there towards home and family, but that has to be without any doubts on your mind
Health related issues bother you, there can be some lack of investigation or diagnosis
Do – you are risking too much in your life, that is because of your stiff attitude, you can be cheated in this, protect yourself
Don’t – don’t expect some magical success, constant hard work is needed for that, success comes slowly only, don’t ignore that
You can achieve success in life by increasing your knowledge, knowledge is power and that has to be understood
Day special – in your quest for success you are getting dissatisfied, that is leading to pressures on you which are not required, changes in career or putting your money into risk should be avoided
You carry your professional problems to home, that causes stress in your family also, but there are many factors which are under control
Do – professional gains are as such indicated, they are likely to improve from now on, hence stay calm
Don’t – don’t let any wasteful expenses put any pressure on your business, in moments of uneasiness wrong decisions emerge, don’t let that happen
Your apprehensions are made up in the mind, professional stability is intact, it is gradually becoming better now
Day special – uneasiness in the form of depression, for that you have to stay happy, that is the key to solving your problems
Many gains for you in many ways, even in this distressful situation opportunities will come to you, luck is likely to support you now in a big way
Do – you are on the right path of your efforts, your friends can be very supportive and a source of encouragement
Don’t – don’t let any unfounded thoughts or fears trouble you, in weak periods it is better to have patience, don’t loose that patience at this stage
Your spouse is supporting you fully, but you are not appreciating that support, that is the route cause of your marital problems
Day special – financial angle is gradually becoming stable, that will give you happiness, but for that you should have confidence in yourself
Health issues as you tend to worry too much, that is the reason for differences of opinion in your life also, you create those factors and then suffer
Do – appreciation of others point of view is important, your friends are important, but they may not give you any direct gains
Don’t – don’t ignore your health under any situation, even if it is psychological it still needs to be cared, help and support from others is emerging now in a big way
Your abilities and knowledge will lead to your financial gains, but this is not without financial pressures, as such those pressures are bothering you at this stage
Day special – your career is stable and that is your strength, financial situation will also become better slowly, for that you have to keep patience

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