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Sunday, August 3, 2008

3rd August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Many things are happening in your life, all this is towards your progress, but you are loosing your self-confidence now
Day special – this is the time to work hard and forge ahead, this is the time to achieve, lack of trust in yourself can be your biggest enemy
Your focus towards your family members have to increase now, that is your need and that is your responsibility, that will give you happiness also
Do – in all this effort you have to be pleasant to others, you cannot forget your friends and well-wishers at this moment
Don’t – don’t have lack of trust in your own abilities, don’t ignore your health also as there can be some lack of diagnosis
You are dissatisfied about monetary position, your expenses are increasing and someone may cheat you also
Day special – this is the time to plan well, protect your finances with careful planning
Your effort to get financial gains will be rewarded suitably, but some kind of uneasiness of mind can spoil those gains to some extent
Do – control your impulsive behavior, you have to be stable to gain from the goodness of these times
Don’t – don’t let obstacles spoil the present focus, you are determine to succeed and you must work hard for it, don’t let any weakness come in your path to success
This is a uneasy period to some extent, it is going on for some time now, your dissatisfactions will increase those pressures
Day special – you must remain calm and stable, getting uneasy will lead to impulsive decisions which are not to your advantage
Psychologically stressful period, stress of money can upset you, but there are many indications of protection for you
Do – stay calm as there is nothing as bad as you think, your own focus is right and your professional gains are adequate to meet your needs
Don’t – don’t start thinking negatively, that can be the real problem for you at this stage, don’t increase the upsets with your negative thinking
Your are getting good gains from your profession, but you are dissatisfied as you want more, you will be able to get more as this is a supportive period
Day special – all this is possible because you are working hard for it, god is kind that you have the focus and you are on the right path, that is a blessing
Gainful period for career, gains are not only for professional advancement but for financial prosperity also, your are very focused towards your work
Do – maintain this positive attitude, ups and downs can be there, but as long as your thinking is right then nothing adverse can happen
Don’t – don’t be worried with over work, god gives more work to those people who have the ability to accomplish it, hence don’t be distressed with that situation
Boss may be a little difficult, but many things are getting resolved
Day special – each day is a new beginning, that is why you are able to achieve well, overall stability of life is because of your own hard work
Stressed period for you, your dissatisfactions are for people around you, that lead to differences also
Do – you have to do your duty as that is important, even your profession is your duty which you have to accomplish
Don’t – don’t be psychologically under pressures, one by one these pressures start getting removed and you will be happy, financial prosperity is intact but you are risking it, don’t do that
Weak period for health related issues, proper treatment is required if anything is adverse
Day special – be very helpful to others at this stage, you can be helpful only if god has chosen you to be so, some differences are bound to be there because you cannot please everyone
You are distressed in relationships, that is a factor which makes you very uneasy, don’t expect too much in that as your expectations may not be fulfilled
Do – concentrate on your work and forget everything else, that is the astrological guidance for you
Don’t – don’t let your dissatisfactions lead to health related problems, there is no need for that, don’t let that happen

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