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Monday, August 11, 2008

11th August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are not happy the way some relationship is moving, disputes and misunderstandings are there
Day special – you have given your heart and soul into this relationship, you have made efforts also, but certain things are not destined in life, hence accept those as reality
Investment in property is still possible, but friendships or relationships cannot be relied upon
Do – devote your time or efforts towards others, listen more and appreciate their point of view, then your family will be supportive
Don’t – don’t be depressed if you are not being understood fully, actually the fault lies in your thinking, hence don’t find fault in others
Your efforts are in the right direction, you are trying to work hard to achieve your goals in life, that includes your focus towards home family friends and relationships
Day special – despite all this positive attitude you are still worried, your expectations are more but your efforts are in the right direction
Travels changes or movements can bring prosperity for you, all this is not without problems, hence lot of careful planning has to be made
Do – involvement towards studies has to be done with lot of hard work, that only will lead to your success and prosperity
Don’t – don’t put your money into risk, that can lead to loss which may not be recovered
Financially stable period in many ways, your efforts will improve your professional career, that in turn will bring rewards and financial inflows
Day special – some wasteful expenses can take away these gains, you are yourself at fault as you are likely to waste your money
Changes in career are on your mind, but you have to take decisions with lot of care, avoid differences of opinion
Do – this period has many inherent obstacles, that makes you uneasy also, but constant involvement only will solve many problems
Don’t – don’t put your career into any kind of risk, that can lead to uneasiness or depression also, don’t let that happen
Mixed period in many ways, auspicious for financial gains and professional prosperity, but wasteful expenses or losses can bother you immensely
Day special – you can be actually distressed with the losses, those must be protected at any cost, you have to plan well and think judiciously
You are worried on account of problems which have arisen at your work place, that can threaten the continuity of your profession, for that you are very worried
Do – there are many confusions connected with your work place, lot of careful planning has to go into that, you may have to invest money in your business
Don’t – don’t be distressed as that is not going to solve the problems, you have to take decisions, don’t run away from taking those decisions
Personal and professional well being is improving now, your own focus is becoming better, professional situation is becoming happy
Day special – gain from these forces and draw happiness, but don’t plan any change at this stage as that can be distressful
Weak period as disputes are indicated, that can put your money also into risk for which you will be in problem
Do – luck may not support you the way you expect, but you can still take the help and support of your well wishers which includes your family members
Don’t – don’t have anything hidden at your work place, those hidden factors can cause problems in your profession, don’t let this factor cause upsets in your life
Worries connected with profession continue, you abilities are remarkable but nothing is being achieved, differences of opinion are also causing pressure in your career
Day special – lot of peace and patience is required at this stage, misunderstandings have to be removed as that only will bring protection
Home family marriage and issues connected with all this bother you, for that reason some wasteful expenses or losses can also be there
Do – protect yourself from any kind of dispute, that is the biggest astrological guidance at this stage
Don’t – don’t get into any relationship at this stage, it may not work out and it may cause depression only, hence don’t get into it

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