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Thursday, August 21, 2008

22nd August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are distressed about your personal life, these are dissatisfactions and apprehensions about people close to you
Do – it is better to stay calm and let this period pass, there is no point in getting agitated and entering into conflicts
Don’t – don’t be psychologically agitated, don’t let your personal and professional life get into uneasiness because of your own thinking
Your worries are connected with travels movements or any changes in life, you are yourself not convinced with those changes, you wish that stability in life should continue
Day special – any plans for change have to be probed further, there may be many hidden things which are not known to you, hence you have to be careful
Regularity of financial inflows is stable, but you are not satisfied with your savings, that puts pressure on your mind
Do – you can think of some investment in property also, this can include any kind of investment of financial assets also
Don’t – don’t compare your situation with those of others, that makes you dissatisfied, for that reason you are loosing your temper also, don’t let that happen
Your involvement towards work is with conditions attached, you are working but not fully satisfied, that is how your performance is also getting reduced
Day special – god is kind in many ways, but you have to shed your fears and apprehensions, that will make you happy and stable
You are depending on luck for many issues in life, but you are also worried for some loss which can bother you
Do – financially stable period and your efforts will bring good results, you have to maintain this focus to gain from these forces
Don’t – don’t let any one misguide you in any way, you have to think rationally, don’t let any one influence you for something which may not be in your interest
There are many obstacles which you are facing, even financial pressures are now showing, that is where you need lot of patience
Day special – changes for progress in life may be looking good, but there are many hidden factors which will cause obstacles, hence you have to move with caution
Worries about career can depress you, thoughts of making changes in your profession for which you are not convinced, but you are looking at financial gains only
Do – consider the totality of the picture, financial improvement is not everything, professional excellence has to be considered
Don’t – don’t be rigid in your attitude, don’t think everything negatively, be judicious in your thinking and that will help you
Luck may not support you as much, but your own hard work and commitment is remarkable, but psychologically you are uneasy
Day special – various forces are favorably placed, your own abilities are remarkable to give you the stability in life
Many pressures and obstacles connected with some love relationship, in your work place you have to really work hard to prove yourself
Do – mixed influences, professional matters are stable, emotional matters need better involvement, you have to find a balance between the two
Don’t – on matters connected with far of linkages you can not depend on luck, for that reason don’t leave anything to chance and ascertain the facts
Issues connected with family marriage and personal will being are heavy on your mind, you are uneasy or dissatisfied and that leads to depression also
Day special – especially in marital relationship you have to be more caring, you have to trust yourself and trust others to find happiness in life
Conflicts and differences of opinion can bother you, this can lead to loss of image for you also, you are worried for that
Do – your involvement towards others is remarkable that one factor will protect you immensely
Don’t – don’t ignore your health under any situation, that needs care and that should be protected
For some love relationship there can be pressures, you are sincere in your approach but differences can be there
Day special – some amount of patience is required for any big decision to emerge, big decisions about life can not be taken impulsively, hence have some patience

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